September 21, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Forty-Five

What changes have you experienced lately? What helps you adapt to change?


"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go."

Hello Journal Gang, and welcome to the first week of the best month of the year (in our opinion!) Once the moon sets and the sun rises, it will officially be Autumn, and the approach has made itself apparent on these cooling nights. The transition of the air is so refreshing and we feel the internal/external shift happening. The days are still beautiful and warm, perfect for venturing back outside after hiding away from the heat and haze. In short, being outdoors in this season brings a lot of joy. 

Working in the yard this weekend, I noticed a few of the cherry tree’s leaves have started shifting into dappled fiery tones; a sure sign that sweater weather is on its way. As I worked to plant a new rose bush, I admired the tree and noticed an increase in fallen leaves on the ground; dotting the mulch with their unique crispy curled forms. Earth doesn’t resist the natural changes of the seasons, but embraces them with beauty and grace, transforming and evolving in new form. Forever striving to be more like this. 

Getting outdoors is like an escape from expectations, deadlines, screens, the news and stress. It’s active meditation. It’s an attempt to emulate the cherry tree, by letting things gracefully fall away for awhile. What activity is your escape in this way? We hope you are finding time for it these days.❤

As we move further into this year, some changes have settled in and we’re adapting, well enough. Other changes, the ‘what ifs’ that haven’t quite happened yet, are the most difficult to deal with still. This year is causing a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, especially as we fly towards the election. Can you relate? Not knowing what will happen, and how it will affect’s so easy to cling to fearful thoughts and worry.

Knowing what to hang onto and what to let go of and action steps you can take can be such a helpful skill, not only for bettering your mental/physical/spiritual health, but for living a life you want to live and contributing to a world you want to be a part of.

We recently did a prompt on letting go/embracing change and felt this was a good time to revisit that theme. Can you relate to hanging onto worry or stress? Struggle with the lack of control of it all? (because same). This is the perfect time to do a self check-in your journal and focus on how you can reprioritize, revitalize and take action.

Wishing you all a wonderful first week of Fall!

Happy Journaling,


The Antiquaria Team 

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