September 14, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Forty-Four

Journal Prompt - What are your favorite cozy weather hobbies?

Hey Journal Gang,

Happy Monday to you all! We hope last week you found some time in your schedule to slow down and indulge in a bit of journaling therapy, if only for a bit. Sometimes it can be intimidating to find time in the day to take some moments for ourselves to slow down and recenter. We find it helps to journal in spurts and try not to overthink the process (easier said than done sometimes; progress, not perfection!). Even if you’re only able to work for 5 or 10 minutes at a time..that’s time well spent!

Speaking of have the past two weeks gone by so quickly? Maybe it’s just us, but we seem to be flying through September. Our routines and habits are slowly shifting into an Autumn mindset. Work focus and hobbies are making that ever-so-gradual shift into the cozier realm. The days are notably shorter now and the nights, cooler. Gardens are winding down, save for some colder weather crops. Lots of work on the kitchen, and forward thinking to next year's season already. Love to make plans and see things slowly, but surely, coming together. We’re working on new holiday designs and definitely feel the shift in season approaching. 

It has us reviewing the year so far and what lies ahead in the Fall. Who else is ready for sweater weather? How do you stay busy in this popular season? What are your favorite indoor cozy hobbies? Do you have something you’re planning or excited to do? How will being at home more this year change your Fall routine? Are you hoping to give a new hobby a try? We say go for it! Spend some time this week mentally gearing up (or down) for the slower pace and the crisp weather. Make a list of everything you’re hoping to participate in. It’s the perfect time to refine a craft or learn a new skill. 

Almost (hopefully) time to start digging out the sweaters and socks. Can’t wait. 

We hope you are staying safe and staying as content as possible, and we hope you find some joy in your journals throughout this upcoming week.❤

Happy Journaling,


The Antiquaria Team 

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