September 28, 2020

Week Forty-Six | Antiquaria Journal Club

Hey Journal Gang,

New week, new prompt! How has your journaling been going lately? Have you felt inspired, or has it been tough to find the time? It’s totally normal to have ebbs and flows with a practice or hobby - we go through that as well. We always find our way back to journaling and channeling through other various creative outlets at some point. It’s especially rewarding when you revisit something and remember what you love so about that activity, don’t you think?

Speaking of revisiting..this weekend we felt the first full fall mode shift here on the front range. The first glimpse of the upcoming cozy months, and it has been so nice already. The weather was a little bit chilly and overcast, with dappled sunlight. Light a candle, clean a bit, work on a project and just enjoy. Those days are glorious. 

We wanted to revisit one of our previous favorite prompts this week, in honor of the shifting temps and season. How has the weather been where you are? Have you seen leaves changing yet? Have you brought out the fall home scents and candles yet? What do you love about the cooler weather? We like to use the colors and feelings of the season as inspiration..and then journal all about it! 

If you need some ideas, Bailey has a fun example of a weather journal spread she did earlier this year. You can find video examples on our instagram page highlights! She incorporated watercolors, stamps and pencils to create a custom art journal log of the weekly weather and skies. So fun!

We hope you enjoy exploring the prompt! Here’s to a great week ahead❤

Happy Journaling and Happy Autumn,

The Antiquaria Team 

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