July 06, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Four

Hey Journal Gang,

How was your 4th of July weekend? Lots of complicated feelings this year, but we hope you were able to celebrate in your own way, stay safe, eat some good food and maybe even catch peek of a few fireworks here and there. They are always such a pretty sight to see. One thing that’s a central theme of many holidays - food! Cooking, grilling and enjoying the freshest produce is very much a social/summertime activity. It has us thinking of the nature of food and the customs surrounding the act of making and sharing meals. It’s something every human on the planet can relate to! We all eat, out of both pleasure and necessity, and every culture has their own rituals around food; sourcing, preparation and sharing. Recipes are passed down, adapted, and serve as a way to connect the past and the present. Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies - it’s like an integral part of our social fabric as well.

Since the quarantine started, have you been finding yourself exploring the culinary world at home more? We totally have. The shift into staying home, experimenting with growing gardens (so rewarding! Even with a learning curve) and making more of our own meals has really been a silver lining though all this. We’re rediscovering old favorites (plus putting a few unique new spins on them, too) and seeking out ways to get creative with ingredients in the pantry.

From baking bread (hello, sourdough!) to growing veggies and trying new varieties of herbs: finding fresh (ok, pun slightly intended) ways to appreciate food is amazing.

So..what are some of your go-to tried-and-true recipes? This week choose one (or a few!) that you are loving right now, and make a fun journal spread about it. Next week we will share some of our very favorite dishes with you all as well! We look forward to seeing what you love to cook up and can’t wait to try some new things.

Bon App├ętit, and Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team 

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