October 16, 2014

Calligraphy in Action | Envelope Addressing in White!


Hi Folks,

We're here today with our second episode of our new series Calligraphy in Action! Yay!! We've had a lovely response to the first episode...so thank you! Missed the first one? You can find it here.

Today, Bailey demonstrates her signature modern calligraphy lettering in white ink (Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White) on a Paper Source A9 black envelope. Black and white is ALWAYS a stellar combination, and white ink really pops off of the page. She's using a Nikko G nib...the same one that comes in our Calligraphy Started Kit!

Every calligrapher has days that they struggle with ink...and this was one of them! You can tell throughout the video that the ink just doesn't want to flow well off of the pen. Bailey fought it for a little while, and then ended up adding more water to the white ink. It's always amazing how much those little things make a HUGE impact!

We hope you enjoy the video & that itLOTS of practice, so be patient with yourself, the letters will come.

helps in your calligraphy practice! Always remember, calligraphy takes time and lot and

Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey

October 09, 2014

DIY Tutorial | Calligraphy Gift Tags

Today, we're sharing our latest DIY tutorial project on Oh So Beautiful Paper! This week, we're taking gifting to another level with easy Calligraphy Gift Tags that you can make at home. These would look so gorgeous on any holiday or birthday gift...AND they're a great way to practice your calligraphy.

Pop over to the post for more details and step by step directions!

Emma & Bailey

October 06, 2014

Weekend Snapshot | A Day Spent Together

It is a rare day that we get to spend together. Since Bailey lives on the West Coast and Emma holds down the fort in Austin (where Antiquaria is based), almost all of our communication is through the computer, be it email, video chatting or computer sharing.  But this past Saturday, we came together and taught two 3 hour calligraphy workshops at the Argus Cidery, right outside of Austin, in a beautiful hill country setting.

The weather was cool and a fall breeze blew through the open barn door as we dipped traditional calligraphy pens into fragrant black sumi ink and made beautiful letters. Each student did a wonderful job learning a new (and might we say difficult) skill. All in all it was a wonderful and fulfilling day.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!
Emma & Bailey

September 24, 2014

Calligraphy in Action | It's Autumn!

Howdy folks!

We promised to bring back all of the calligraphy goodness this week & we're delivering in a BIG way! We've put together a new video series called Calligraphy in Action which shows our very own, Bailey Rivera, lettering in her studio. The response to our videos has been great and we think that one of the best ways to experience calligraphy is to SEE it being practiced! Don't you agree? There's also something incredibly soothing and inspiring to see the slow, methodical process of dip pen and ink.

In this video, we used:
Dr. Martin's bleedproof white ink and a Zebra G nib on a lovely wine colored paper.

We hope you enjoy the video...and stay tuned for more to come!

Emma & Bailey

September 19, 2014

The Last Friday of Summer.

Dear Friends,

Can you believe that summer is gone and autumn is knocking at the door? With the waves of heat we've been experiencing lately, it makes it even harder to feel the seasons changing. But alas, they are.

We've spent our summer catching up on our long to-do list & designing lots and lots of new goodies. I'm sure that many of you have already checked out our new greeting card collection! All of the cards are also available as boxed sets as well, if you (like us) send cards like the post office is going out of business (please NO never!).

We've been dying to bring you customized stationery as well...and we're going to do just that! Note sets really are SO useful for quick thank you notes, wedding gifts or as a gift enclosures. We're super excited about how the line is shaping up and we know you're going to LOVE it!

Here on the blog...stay tuned for updates as well as a whole new season of super informative Calligraphy posts (more on those next week!). When back to school season hits, we get in the mood to teach! 

Speaking of teaching...our last workshops of 2014 are coming up soon!  They're being held in Austin on October 4th and there still a few spots left in each class. We'd love to see all of you calligraphy fans come for a day of lettering fun! You can register for the classes here.

 In our Script 101 class, we will teach the basics of pointed pen calligraphy and go through the alphabet a-z. All students receive a calligraphy supply kit and all of the information on how to go home and continue in their lettering practice. Oct. 4, 10am,-1pm | Austin, TX | $150

In our debut Script 102 class, we'll be diving deeper and teaching students about variations in script and how to create their own style of calligraphy. It's going to be a great class and a really informative and inventive session!! Oct. 4, 2pm-5pm | Austin, TX | $150

We sure hope to see you there! And stay tuned for all the big announcements, surprises & calligraphy love we have coming up for the rest of 2014. 

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!
Emma & Bailey

August 18, 2014

Big News + Summer Doesn't Have to End......

Happy Monday Lovelies!
We are super excited to announce that our new  Greeting Cards  are now available in the shop! Today we are sharing these tropical inspired cards with you. Summer doesn't have to end just yet!
Oh, and don't miss the sweet article about Antiquaria that Sarah from The Paper Chronicles posted today.

 photography by Antiquaria
all designs ©Antiquaria 

July 24, 2014

Useful Postage Guidelines from the USPS

We frequently get asked about postage rates for invitations. Although rates are changing all the time, the USPS recently sent out this super helpful guide to mailing first class mail. Always double check with your postmaster before mailing invitations though - you just never know.

We should also note that the cotton paper we print on is ever so slightly thicker than 0.016".
If you're mailing one of our letterpress reply postcards be safe and use a 49 cent stamp!

July 18, 2014

Summer Stationery Subscription Video!

Happy Friday! We wanted to pop in and show you this adorable stop motion film that we put together showcasing our summer subscription box contents (they were mailed out to subscribers at the beginning of June).

We've been in the process of gathering together the assortment of items for our fall subscription this week (it will actually be in a gorgeous envelope instead of a box this time) which is always such a fun process! We first start with a theme...and go from there. We look at what's new to the shop or in production and not yet released-like the fun greeting cards that were in the summer box! The fall subscriptions will be mailed out the first week of September-so there's plenty of time to get your order in!

For the fall we're thinking about the tradition of writing, especially letters...just to give you a little hint. We hope you like the little film and consider subscribing if you're a stationery lover (hoarder) like us!

Have a great weekend!
Emma & Bailey

July 17, 2014

Real Wedding | Joanie & Brett's Navy + Copper Save the Date

We've said it a million times...but we just LOVE it when a DIY couple's design shows up in our inbox. Our most recent bride to show us her handy work is Joanie! Thank you so much Joanie for letting us share your GORGEOUS Save the Date with everyone. They're awesome and we love your "out of the box" printing technique tips too! We'll pocket those for later and try them out ourselves.

From Joanie: "The inspiration for these Save the dates came when I was looking for a dress for our engagement party and I came across this beautiful vintage dress in a navy and gold floral jacquard and I thought the colors would compliment the Floral Banner theme of your stamps.  I was thinking "regal", "antique" sort of in that over embellished baroque way and then I came across some old bronze buttons that looked a bit tarnished and I loved the idea of swapping out the gold for bronze.  So that's how I landed on matte navy & bronze." 

The materials used (besides the stamps from Antiquaria) all came from Paper Presentation (http://paperpresentation.com).  

A6 envelopes in Matte Navy
4.5 x 6.25 Crenelle Flat Cards in Natural White
Hero Arts Classic Tea Flower stamp (for back of Crenelle cards)
Tea Flower stamp (for back of small envelopes)
2.75 x 2.75 Matte Navy Envelopes
2.75 x 2.75 Natural white cards
Bronze Metallic Sharpie
Glitter Twine in Metallic Bronze by Knot & Bow
Color Box stamp pad in Bronze

Marble rolling pin

"I stamped the back of the Crenelle cards with the Classic Tea Flower Stamp first allowing them to completely  dry before stamping the Save the Date on the other side.

For the large save the date stamp I found that simply covering the stamp with ink and pressing it to the card did not yield an even impression so I thought "What would Benjamin Franklin do?" and I grabbed my rolling pin.  I inked up the stamp, laid the card on top of it and simply rolled the pin over it first north to south and then east to west and the impression was perfect with very little effort exerted.  These need to air dry over night to ensure they do not rub off.  The metallic ink takes awhile to set.  It will smear and smudge onto the envelopes if they are not completely dry.

The same goes for the website cards.  Stamp all the small cards first to let them completely dry while you are stamping the outside of the envelopes. Once you have stuffed all the envelopes cut the twine into 12 inch segments and tie them up like a present. "

"I made up my own calligraphy for the addresses. Mainly I just made the r's and m's very loopy.  I recommend hand addressing the A6 envelopes first letting them air dry over night and then stamping the return address on the outer flap, making sure that the stamps are completely dry before you stack them up."

We love it when clients take on the challenge of addressing their own envelopes! These turned out beautifully. 

Thank you again Joanie! You've provided such AMAZING inspiration and a great example of creatively crafting your own custom design. 

If you have a project to share with us...or questions about our stamps, please reach out to us info{at}shopantiquaria{dot}com!

Emma & Bailey

July 15, 2014

So Inspired | Why We All Should Write

As calligraphers, artists and lovers of letters you don't need to convince us that writing is AWESOME and something that should be practiced, cherished and taught to our children. But unfortunately, writing with a pen and paper is loosing it's value in today's fast paced, technology based society.

In this TEDx Talks video, master penman (did you know that was a thing?-so cool), Jake Weidmann, helps illustrate why writing is SO important to do and also to teach to our children.

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in-Jake's words are inspiring & interesting and the artwork shown is drool-worthy! Then...pop over to his website for more gorgeous calligraphy eye-candy!

Until next time...
Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey
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