August 10, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Nine


Hey Journal Gang,

How did your journaling go last week? Somehow it feels a bit lighter entering a fresh Monday after having taken a mental inventory of thoughts or actions to release. It’s amazing how much emotional energy and mental real estate things can take up at times. We’ve been reassessing, focusing on new projects, releasing negative energy where we can and planning for the future in a positive light. Hopefully the same goes for you!

This week we want to just let loose and revel in the delights of art journaling..time to raid the 
toolkit!! We are obsessed with cute journaling supplies and are always on the lookout for new stickers, washi and stamps to incorporate into our collections. It’s been awhile since we’ve taken full inventory of our journaling supplies, so we thought it would be a blast to create a full spread with the materials themselves as inspiration!

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all the colorful components scattered about on the work table, and enjoying the process as the page comes to life. This week, check out your stash, choose a few items that speak to you and that you enjoy seeing together - then roll with it, and have fun!

Do you have a favorite set of stickers or a new roll of washi you’ve been wanting to try out? Now’s the perfect time!

Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team 

August 05, 2020

10 Journal Prompts for Summer

As we enter the month of August, the official halfway point of Summer has arrived. The late Summer season has begun, but there are weeks yet until we say hello to Autumn…and plenty of opportunities left to embrace the spirit of the season in our journals! We’ve compiled some of our favorite summery-themed prompts to keep you inspired and help you find your journaling groove well into September. 

We hope you’ve been able to find some joy in your Summer so far, despite it being far from typical. May these prompts infuse some good vibes into your current journaling routine!


August 03, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Eight

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” 
Happy Monday Journal Gang! Grateful to start another week and continue to move forward with some plans and personal goals we have in motion. Things are crazy in the world right now, but aiming to find things to be thankful for helps keep the overwhelming thoughts from spiraling. We hope you’re feeling good and enjoyed exploring the whimsical world of Haikus last week! Did you have a favorite haiku? If so, drop us a comment - we would love to hear it! Not only is it fun to write Haikus, but it’s a treat to read them too.

The past few months have held a lot of changes and transitions, assessing and reflection. A phrase that has been on the radar quite a bit lately is ‘mental load’. The pandemic, uncertainty, unrest, politics, economics, relationships, huge changes in routines and social interaction - ahhh!  Having ALL of these components concurrently in states of constant flux can be…heavy. The result can be stress, anxiety and burnout. So we’re wondering…what are we ready to release and let go of?

How can we be productive and stay creative without burning out during all this? What is taking up valuable mental real estate that serves no purpose except to exacerbate abstract worries and doubts? It could be assessing the inner world of self talk, or changing how you engage with media. Which habits do I have that are not serving me well, and how can I  release those? Am I holding onto things from the past that no longer add value to my life? What can I let go of in order to help others more? What changes can I make to maintain my own equilibrium, while making a positive impact? These are some of the questions we’re asking ourselves for this week’s journaling sessions.

So..think of what’s been on your mind and how you’ve been feeling over these past few weeks. How is everything affecting you? What's changed or stayed the same? What habits, thoughts, actions or ideas are no longer serving you at this time? Taking a step back and doing some journaling about these things can help us figure out where to make adjustments in order to stay present and grounded. Easier said than done, but journaling is such a great tool to help us get there!

May you find peace in releasing all those things❣

Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team 

July 27, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Seven

Hello there Journal Gang!
Happy Monday to you all. How did your journaling go last week? As we find ourselves winding down this hot July, over halfway through the year, it felt like a good chance to review the year so far and reflect; on the goals we’ve reached (yay!), ways we’ve adapted, goals we’ve completed, things we've struggled through, ways we can improve, and new goals to strive for. It always helps to take a step back and check in on how you’re doing and where you stand. What was your number one proud point or goal you’ve reached so far this year? 

This week we want to revisit on of our very favorite prompts we’ve done throughout the course of Journal Club so far. We seriously had SO much fun doing this prompt and found ourselves mentally crafting poems on the fly! Describe your day with a Haiku. What’s a haiku? A haiku is the essence of minimalism in poetry form. Refer to this post for a throwback to week twelve and for the inside scoop on haikus! It’s easy to be a little intimidated at the thought of having to craft a poem, if that’s not something you’re in the groove of doing, but we promise that anyone can join in and write an amazing haiku. 
The formula is simple | 5-7-5
  • Three lines
  • First line - 5 syllables
  • Second line - 7 syllables
  • Third line - 5 syllables

and you’ve got yourself a haiku! Fun and easy. We love this form of poetry because the simplistic format forces you to slow down, ponder and carefully choose your words to convey your desired message. You can be playful and funny, conceptual and poetic, emotional; leaning into metaphors and nature-based imagery. The tone and personality of your Haiku can be absolutely anything you want, so have fun with it!

We can’t wait to start writing more haikus and hear some of yours as well♥

Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team

July 22, 2020

Awesome Cards for COVID life

One thing we can all agree on - this year has been a wild ride. The stay at home orders and adapting to life with quarantine has been something we’ve never experienced. We’ve been reminded of the undeniable value of being social, staying connected and the importance of solid relationships! If you are feeling out of sorts, have quarantine fatigue, tired of looking at screens and you’re simply missing your people - you aren’t alone.

Show solidarity in the ongoing battle against Covid and share some good vibes. Socially distancing..or socializing distantly? We can stay connected from a distance. What better way to say "we've got this" than by sending a bit of good old fashioned snail mail?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite quarantine relevant cards to lighten the mood, show support and stay in touch!

Quarantine Correspondence Bundle | Paper and Honey

Big Bundle

Desert in My Thoughts | Antiquaria

Antiquaria Design

So Dark Right Now | Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Odd Daughter Paper Co.

Greeting From Quarantine | Kaleidadope


Homebody Patch Card | Antiquaria

Antiquaria Design

Sardines | Red Cap Cards

Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards

Sticker Greeting Card | Sending All The Love

Antiquaria Design

This Too Shall Pass | Antiquaria 


Brushed Steadfast Love | Antiquaria 


Anxiety is the New Black | Dahlia Press

Dahlia Press

Sending Love Cat | Red Cap Cards

Emily Isabella for Red Cap Cards

Hang in There | Red Cap Cards

Bodil Jane for Red Cap Cards

Sticker Greeting Card | Stick Together Cactus


Stay Strong Cactus | Red Cap Cards 

Bodil Jane for Red Cap Cards

Sending all my Love | Antiquaria


Are you feeling inspired to send some cards now? We are!
Hope you are staying safe, healthy, hopeful and calm. Keep on keepin' on. 

Hang in there

July 20, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Six

Journal Gang! Hey there. Thank you for dropping by to check out this week’s prompt! How is your journaling going lately? Bailey just started a new book (yay!) and Sarah has been experimenting with paint again on the mixed media paper Midori journal insert. It’s definitely felt really good to be revisiting leaning into a quiet creative mode when the world feels a little too..much. Which can happen rather often these days!

How did the mood journaling go for you, were you able to give it a try? If so, we hope it was fun, insightful and a bit cathartic. It’s always interesting to see how moods and feelings will manifest in a visual way. The end result can be a useful gauge as an honest self check-in. 

Speaking of check-ins, we are halfway through this crazy year. What. Even. Is. This. Year!? It’s been a topsy-turvy ride, that’s for sure. This realization had us thinking back to December, January, even February, and how much things have changed. Specifically, thinking back on some of our earliest prompts and the perspective we were holding at that time. When we crafted our intention lists for 2020, so many things we not even on the radar at that time, for better and worse, and so many circumstances have shifted. Curious, we wanted to refer back to that list. Which intentions do we still hold? Which are still possible, or even priorities at all? Which ones have we accomplished so far? Maybe some of them aged like wine, and maybe some aged like milk. (Travel more...yeah, right!) But that’s life! We can’t predict the future, and this year has been a blunt reminder of that fact.

So what do we do when things don’t go according to plan? The best we can with what we have, where we are, one day at a time. Learn, stay informed, speak up, work hard, take care of ourselves and try to be excellent to one another. Always retain a base of positivity (even if we tend to cope with cynical humor at times, ha!)

Refer back to your list of intent for this year, and see how it’s changed. See what you’ve been able to accomplish despite one of the most collectively stressful times in decades. You could even make a revised list for the rest of the year, with a ‘new normal’ in mind. What things have you accomplished that you are proud of this year? Even if it’s “waking up each day”, give yourself some kudos for keepin’ on keepin’ on throughout this whole deal. Because you’re doing great.

Happy Journaling! 
The Antiquaria Team 

July 13, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Five

Hey Journal Gang, how was your weekend?

We always appreciate some low key time during these two days to rest, maybe get a few things done and just take a spell to appreciate small things. We all have our own ways of turning down the volume on the world. Poking around in the garden. Reading. Cooking. Netflix. Day drives to nowhere. Listening to music. Snacks. Naps. Hikes. Riding. Painting. It’s important to make time to let yourself just ‘be’, you know? You don’t have to feel guilty for not always being ultra productive. (Does anyone else struggle with that?) Especially in this ‘new normal’ -  we’re navigating through each day a bit like…what now? What next?? How??? It can deplete your energy quickly. Last week our team chatted and had a check in over zoom, as we do these days. We talked about the range of emotions we’ve been dealing with lately, and shared our experiences, both over the last few months and what we’re currently going through on an individual level. 

We all have different daily realities surrounding not only our roles at Antiquaria, but in our own lives and families. We’ve all felt quarantine and the ever-extending threat of covid in varied ways. We have our unique challenges to deal with, but even then, the majority of the underlying emotions are similar. We’ll elaborate on all this soon with a dedicated post, featuring interview blurbs, thoughts, grey clouds and silver linings.

Our chat was a really great reminder on the importance of checking in with yourself on where you stand; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. It’s ok to be having ooone hell of a time navigating through this, especially as things really have no end in sight. It’s ok to be angry at times, anxious, feeling unmotivated and having signs of mental fatigue or burnout! It’s ok to be feeling great and productive if that’s how you feel! No matter where you are, know where that is and honor it. Having that awareness gives you power.

So this week ask yourself, How the heck am I feeling today? If you love making art normally but feel uninspired to the max lately, use this week’s journaling time as an approachable easement back into that groove. If you just want to write it all out venting style no art involved, perfect! Again - there's never a wrong way to journal.

How are you holding up lately? What's been your saving grace over the past few months? Let us know below!

Here’s to better days.

Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team 

July 06, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Four

Hey Journal Gang,

How was your 4th of July weekend? Lots of complicated feelings this year, but we hope you were able to celebrate in your own way, stay safe, eat some good food and maybe even catch peek of a few fireworks here and there. They are always such a pretty sight to see. One thing that’s a central theme of many holidays - food! Cooking, grilling and enjoying the freshest produce is very much a social/summertime activity. It has us thinking of the nature of food and the customs surrounding the act of making and sharing meals. It’s something every human on the planet can relate to! We all eat, out of both pleasure and necessity, and every culture has their own rituals around food; sourcing, preparation and sharing. Recipes are passed down, adapted, and serve as a way to connect the past and the present. Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies - it’s like an integral part of our social fabric as well.

Since the quarantine started, have you been finding yourself exploring the culinary world at home more? We totally have. The shift into staying home, experimenting with growing gardens (so rewarding! Even with a learning curve) and making more of our own meals has really been a silver lining though all this. We’re rediscovering old favorites (plus putting a few unique new spins on them, too) and seeking out ways to get creative with ingredients in the pantry.

From baking bread (hello, sourdough!) to growing veggies and trying new varieties of herbs: finding fresh (ok, pun slightly intended) ways to appreciate food is amazing.

So..what are some of your go-to tried-and-true recipes? This week choose one (or a few!) that you are loving right now, and make a fun journal spread about it. Next week we will share some of our very favorite dishes with you all as well! We look forward to seeing what you love to cook up and can’t wait to try some new things.

Bon App├ętit, and Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team 

July 01, 2020

10 Unique Birthday Card Ideas We Love

The thing about birthdays..everybody has one! As stationery gals, we especially love birthdays and the opportunity to design fun cards for them. Every year is another chance to pick out the perfect unique card, suited just for the personality of the recipient.

Unique card = memorable! Birthdays are an excellent time to let someone know what they mean to you..and a handwritten note on a thoughtfully chosen, cool card is an ideal way to do so! We’ve rounded up some unique and charming birthday cards that we love. We think you’ll love them too! 

For the Starry-Eyed Astronomer

Birthday Planisphere | Ladyfingers Letterpress

Card, gift or art piece? How about all three! This gold foil stamped planisphere card is a glimpse into the night sky on the night you were born - how cool is that? Just rotate for a reminder of your magical little place in the universe. (This card is a keeper - hello wall decor!)

For the Gardener

It's a sticker sheet - and a birthday card! Is there anything more lovely than flowering fruit trees? Illustrations of them! Colorful citrus and leaf stickers dot the front and back, making it a perfect simple gift/sentiment combo. Grapefruit may be a winter crop, but this sticker birthday card is in season all year round!

For the Nature-Loving Night Owl

Patch Greeting Card: Night Cactus Birthday | Antiquaria Design

Have you ever been in the desert on a night with inky black and crystal clear skies? The world majestic comes to mind. This popular night cactus iron-on patch and birthday card combo is a sharable reminder of that magic scene and feeling! 

For the Statement Maker

This unique card from Letterfolk perfectly captures the trendy aesthetic of a retro letter board and we’re here for it. Just like a real board, this cute three card set comes with a full alphabet of letters to customize your message. Simply choose your letters, scratch them into place and send. Versatility and!

For the Desert Darling 

Sticker Sheet Greeting Card: Peach Cactus Birthday | Antiquaria Design

If you daydream of road trips through cactus dotted landscapes and consider yourself a bohemian creative soul - this card is your vibe! Usable cactus-themed stickers are integrated into the design of this unique birthday card. Like a road trip, it’s filled with possibilities. Collect postcards to share throughout your travels, sticker them up, and share!

For the Mama Bear

Patch Greeting Card: Mama Bear Birthday | Antiquaria Design

Don’t mess with Mama Bear! This peachy-toned iron-on patch and greeting card combo would be perfect for the friend with cubs of their own. Perfect for any jacket, tote - even a diaper bag! 

For the Detective at Heart

Birthday File Decoder Card | Inklings Paperie

For their eyes only! If old detective movies are your jam and Harriett the spy was childhood goals, this card is for you. Channel your inner sleuth with this secret eye coded message card from Inklings Paperie.

For the Friend of the Bees

Patch Greeting Card: Honeybee Birthday | Antiquaria Design

We should all be friends of the bees! These little honey/bumble cuties are an invaluable resource. If you ate food today, thank a bee! This card and gift in one lets them rep their love and respect for bees with a sweet little iron on patch. How perfect would this bee on a canvas produce tote?
This fruity cutie sticker-sheet and card in one is perfect for the color-loving-foodie, especially one with a Summer birthday! Reuse the stickers in a food journal or recipe book for a vibrant and cheerful look. 

For the Dog Lover 

Poodle Pop-Up Card | Inklings Paperie

Oh-la-la! This fancy little card features a unique pop-up paper element in the form of the poodle’s fur! How fun is that? A cute and novel reminder to seize the (birth)day. 

For the Magical Thinker

Birthday Fortune Scratch-Off Card | Inklings Paperie

Fortunes told, mysteries revealed! Pique their interest and deliver some positive affirmations with this interactive scratch off card. Lottery ticket vibes, but the prize is a great friend. Jackpot! 

Pretty fun array, right?! We're feeling inspired and can't wait for another birthday to come up on the calendar now. We'll be featuring more round-ups and collections of our favorite products soon on the blog, so stay tuned!

Which cards were your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


June 29, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Three

"Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."

Happy Monday, Journal Gang! Mondays in general probably aren’t winning many popularity contests, but they definitely have their bright spots and pros, despite their drab reputation. Are they anyone’s favorite day of the week?? Ok, let’s be real and not kid ourselves…don’t push your luck, Monday! But one thing we love about this reset day is being able to share a new prompt with you all, and start a new page in our journals. Always energizing to approach a crisp fresh page, work on a layout and experience it forming a unique personality. It’s one of our favorite parts of journaling for sure. When you start a new page, the possibilities are endless. The blank page doesn’t feel so daunting anymore! Do you struggle with starting a new page? Refer to this throwback post for insight and tips on getting started!

A journal is a place to infuse your own personal style, thoughts and ideas into a tangible keepsake form; favorite things. It has us pondering other things we love most. Specific places, people, ideas, quotes, books, songs, animals, art, films, food, weather, seasons, plants, colors, clothing styles, design, hobbies...all of the things that enrich life and compose little pieces of who you are and how you view the world. What speaks to you - speaks volumes about you! So we thought it would be fun to compile a list of those lovely things that we call favorites. This prompt is well suited for all styles of journaling - reflective (list form), art (visual), bullet journal (combination)! 

So what are your ‘rain drop on roses and whiskers on kittens?’ Drizzly rain on a lazy afternoon? Bubble tea? Picnics at the beach? Penmanship? The smell of honeysuckle? Modern art? Vintage furniture? Kind-hearted, strong people? Think of the things that give you all those good feels and journal away. We'd love to see what you come up with!

Wishing you much happiness throughout this week❣

Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team 

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