July 01, 2020

10 Unique Birthday Card Ideas We Love

The thing about birthdays..everybody has one! As stationery gals, we especially love birthdays and the opportunity to design fun cards for them. Every year is another chance to pick out the perfect unique card, suited just for the personality of the recipient.

Unique card = memorable! Birthdays are an excellent time to let someone know what they mean to you..and a handwritten note on a thoughtfully chosen, cool card is an ideal way to do so! We’ve rounded up some unique and charming birthday cards that we love. We think you’ll love them too! 

For the Starry-Eyed Astronomer

Birthday Planisphere | Ladyfingers Letterpress

Card, gift or art piece? How about all three! This gold foil stamped planisphere card is a glimpse into the night sky on the night you were born - how cool is that? Just rotate for a reminder of your magical little place in the universe. (This card is a keeper - hello wall decor!)

For the Gardener

It's a sticker sheet - and a birthday card! Is there anything more lovely than flowering fruit trees? Illustrations of them! Colorful citrus and leaf stickers dot the front and back, making it a perfect simple gift/sentiment combo. Grapefruit may be a winter crop, but this sticker birthday card is in season all year round!

For the Nature-Loving Night Owl

Patch Greeting Card: Night Cactus Birthday | Antiquaria Design

Have you ever been in the desert on a night with inky black and crystal clear skies? The world majestic comes to mind. This popular night cactus iron-on patch and birthday card combo is a sharable reminder of that magic scene and feeling! 

For the Statement Maker

This unique card from Letterfolk perfectly captures the trendy aesthetic of a retro letter board and we’re here for it. Just like a real board, this cute three card set comes with a full alphabet of letters to customize your message. Simply choose your letters, scratch them into place and send. Versatility and style..win-win!

For the Desert Darling 

Sticker Sheet Greeting Card: Peach Cactus Birthday | Antiquaria Design

If you daydream of road trips through cactus dotted landscapes and consider yourself a bohemian creative soul - this card is your vibe! Usable cactus-themed stickers are integrated into the design of this unique birthday card. Like a road trip, it’s filled with possibilities. Collect postcards to share throughout your travels, sticker them up, and share!

For the Mama Bear

Patch Greeting Card: Mama Bear Birthday | Antiquaria Design

Don’t mess with Mama Bear! This peachy-toned iron-on patch and greeting card combo would be perfect for the friend with cubs of their own. Perfect for any jacket, tote - even a diaper bag! 

For the Detective at Heart

Birthday File Decoder Card | Inklings Paperie

For their eyes only! If old detective movies are your jam and Harriett the spy was childhood goals, this card is for you. Channel your inner sleuth with this secret eye coded message card from Inklings Paperie.

For the Friend of the Bees

Patch Greeting Card: Honeybee Birthday | Antiquaria Design

We should all be friends of the bees! These little honey/bumble cuties are an invaluable resource. If you ate food today, thank a bee! This card and gift in one lets them rep their love and respect for bees with a sweet little iron on patch. How perfect would this bee on a canvas produce tote?
This fruity cutie sticker-sheet and card in one is perfect for the color-loving-foodie, especially one with a Summer birthday! Reuse the stickers in a food journal or recipe book for a vibrant and cheerful look. 

For the Dog Lover 

Poodle Pop-Up Card | Inklings Paperie

Oh-la-la! This fancy little card features a unique pop-up paper element in the form of the poodle’s fur! How fun is that? A cute and novel reminder to seize the (birth)day. 

For the Magical Thinker

Birthday Fortune Scratch-Off Card | Inklings Paperie

Fortunes told, mysteries revealed! Pique their interest and deliver some positive affirmations with this interactive scratch off card. Lottery ticket vibes, but the prize is a great friend. Jackpot! 

Pretty fun array, right?! We're feeling inspired and can't wait for another birthday to come up on the calendar now. We'll be featuring more round-ups and collections of our favorite products soon on the blog, so stay tuned!

Which cards were your favorites? Let us know in the comments!


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