March 23, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Nineteen

Hey there Journal Gang,

As we enter a new week of journal club, we’re thinking of you and hope that your journals are serving as a therapeutic outlet through all of the sudden changes and adjustments we’re all experiencing. Even though our journal club meetup is on hold, we’re maintaining that spirit of camaraderie and community through our journals each week. Life feels a little more strange with each passing day right now, but we're all doing the best we can to adapt, be positive and resourceful. Keep on keeping on! Using journaling, letters and other creative outlets to help us process things has been invaluable.

Last week we spent some time pondering our appreciation of loved ones. When life shifts dramatically, it’s more important than ever to communicate and connect with people that love and support us, and visa versa. Our instagram share a card event has been cathartic for us as well; connecting with you, sharing circumstances and encouraging words brought a little extra light into our days. We are feeling super grateful for all the amazing people in our lives right now. When it gets down to it, what is life but the joy of sharing all it has to offer with others?

So, what’s this about silver linings?
We may be collectively socially distancing right now, but a major global event like this can unite us in purpose and spirit. It can make you reevaluate your priorities, values, what self-care means to you, your world view, your routines, goals, and count your blessings. So, pretty much everything! Though it oftentimes feels like an ominous and uncertain situation, nothing is life is so plain in black and white. Even the most trying circumstances have a silver lining laced within. Everyone processes emotions at different rates and in different ways, so it’s OK to be exactly wherever you are right now! It’s absolutely normal to experience anxiety and stress when things upend your normal life. Things will get better. Let's uplift our thoughts this week and focus on those little silver linings within.

Maybe you’ve been able to :
  • Spend more time with your immediate family
  • Connect with distant family more often through letters or technology 
  • Make your pets happy by being around more often (keeping those tails wagging!)
  • Finish lingering home improvement projects
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Catch up on sleep
  • Start or work on an art/craft hobby
  • Dive into a personal passion project 
  • Go for more walks
  • Explore the outdoors
  • Work in your yard
  • Try new recipes at home
  • Get a jump on spring cleaning or organization
  • Catch up on your favorite show 

…These are a few of the silver linings that come to mind!

So, what are your silver linings?  Think about what small gift each of these days of late have to offer, and how you can lean into them to help you grow, heal and move forward.
While everything is still uncertain, and can feel scary at times, know that for every negative, there is a positive hiding in there..somewhere. Many things may be out of our control, but we can control being kind to ourselves (and each other!), embracing the here and now(easier said than done, we know!), looking out for others and just simply doing the best we can. One day at a time, friends. Slow and steady..we’ve got this. Hang in there!

Be well, and Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team

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