December 03, 2020

2020 Holiday Card Exchange is HERE!


Tis' finally here my letter loving friends, our 8th annual holiday card exchange!! You know what that means right...? 2020 is almost outta here!!!

As much as this year has been a real bear (and that's a disservice to bears), it's also taught us a lot of lessons. One of them is that we're realllly scrappy. And that we're a tight knit team.

The most fun part of 2020 for us has been re-launching our YouTube channel and dreaming up fun, inspiring and informative videos for all of you. So...let us announce officially the 2020 exchange with this festive video for your viewing pleasure!

We hope you enjoy it! It certainly brought some joy and cheer to us while making it. And those things are MUCH NEEDED this year.

So why don't we exchange some holiday cards? This year, we've chosen to use one of our new cards of the season, our Cactus Seasons Greetings Sticker Card. Our addressing this year is fun, coordinating with the card to look like a present! As always it will be hand addressed by our in house expert, Bailey Amon Rivera.

Here's the scoop: You add us to your mailing list and send us a hand addressed (practice that calligraphy and handlettering folks!) holiday card and we'll have our resident calligrapher, Bailey Amon Rivera mail ours back from US! Sound like a plan?


The details: Mail your card to Bailey at:
℅ Bailey Amon Rivera
5654 S. Prince Street, STE A
Littleton, Colorado 80120 
Be sure to include your preferred return address (in addition to the one on the envelope-you know how the mail can be) so that we can mail ours in return! 

We are SO looking forward to hearing from you. Now it will actually be FUN to check the mail:) Yay! Let's make 2020 the BEST exchange yet!

Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey
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