November 30, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Fifty-Five

Happy Monday Journal Gang,

Refreshed and basking in the afterglow of the Holiday - how about you? Did you have a lovely Thanksgiving? We hope you were able to slow down, eat some great food and enjoy the holiday. What was your favorite dish this year? So hard to choose a favorite! It’s a lot of fun to experiment and find ways to put a custom touch on classic favorites. Looking at you, green bean casserole

This week we greet the first day of December..December 2020. We’ve made it! Phew. One more month until we bid adieu to all 365 days of this wild ride of a year. There are so many things to reflect on, and we’ll touch on those a bit more as we approach the New Year. Definitely a lot to process, and new ways of thinking moving forward.

December is a standout month of the year, for good reason. There’s a feeling of excitement, anticipation, leveling up on the cozy vibes, sending out and receiving snail mail (our favorite - watch out for details on our Holiday Card Exchange, Dec 3rd!) and planning and making gifts for all our favorite people. So much to do - and so many ways to do them! We’re finding the holiday planning, baking and decorating feel especially refreshing to anticipate and dive into this year. It honestly feels like a nice, cheerful thing to focus on. Can you relate? 

There are often so many things going on this time of the year, it can feel a little (a lot) overwhelming. We thought this week would be a good chance to have a little fun planning and preparing in our journals!

Do you love to decorate? Jot down some decor ideas, or even try out a mood board with paints and collage, if art journaling is your thing. Can’t wait to bake all. the. things? Write out your favorite recipes and who you’d like to share treats with! DIYing some gifts, or brainstorming other gift ideas? Explore all your plans and keep track of your progress. Lots of ways to get organized and excited!

We hope your start to the new month is wonderful, and sets a comforting tone for the rest of your year. 

Happy Journaling,


The Antiquaria Team

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