June 22, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Two

Hey Journal Gang,

How was your Father’s Day?? (It feels like it was seriously just Mother’s Day!) Whether you have an awesome dad, know an awesome dad or are an awesome dad, we hope you were able to enjoy a relaxing weekend together with your people! Dads are golden. It’s always fun scrolling instagram and seeing everyone’s ‘old school cool’ photos with their Daddios. Mustaches abound!

Do you get the feeling that this Summer is going to go by as a blur? It sure seems that way…time seemed to slow during the shutdowns, but as the world begins to reopen and we try to find our way around a ‘new normal’, the pace has seemed to quicken again. The Solstice was this past Saturday, the very longest day of the year! The first day of Summer. It’s prime time for evening gardening and we took advantage of it this weekend. There is something so meditative about enjoying dusk outdoors in the summertime. One of the very best aspects of the season.

It has us thinking about the nature of life, rhythms and cycles. What would life be like with no change in the seasons, no visitation from both the sun and the moon, no moments of contentment and sadness alike? To our very core we are connected to the ups and downs all around us.

This year has been chock full of highs and lows both, and leeet’s be honest…many lows on the 2020 spectrum so far. But it’s important to seek out balance and, in turn, find more appreciation for the upswings when they appear. It’s ok to have low points and days of struggling. We sure have them. Everyone does! And it’s ok to be an uncertain hanging-out-somewhere-in-the-middle mixture, trying to navigate through it all.

This week take note of not only your most pleasant thoughts and moments, but some of the times you struggled with as well. We can learn from the dips just as we can find comfort in the crests; recording both can help us see patterns and make connections between actions and emotions. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or having a mini existential crisis? Take a break from the news!! (It will be there when you come back - promise). Cranky and tired? Take a bath and make a plan to prioritize your sleep that evening. Did you laugh hard at something today? Who were you with and what was funny? Take note to remember the moment. Bake some banana bread and it was the bomb? Share a few pieces with a friend! Have a smooth, productive day at work? Tell yourself, “you did good, kid” and reflect on what went well.

The sweet and salty moments both have things to offer. There may be no ultimate perfect day - but there are plenty of pretty darn good ones.

Hope you all have a great week!

Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team 

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