June 15, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-One

Hey Journal Gang,

Happy Monday to you all - it’s journal prompt day! Making Mondays a little better since November 2019. It’s a bit surreal that this is our 31st week since the inception of journal club. It feels about half as long! Time flies when...life gets..weird? Is that a saying? Because it totally seems accurate. :)

Hopefully you had a chance to do some journaling last week and ponder how you would like to see things to change for the better. It can seem like a long list! Over the past few weeks we’ve seen people come together and the wheels starting in motion towards enacting some of those changes. We’re staying hopeful and always trying to look for opportunities to make our little personal corner of the world more aligned with some of the changes we wish to see. Every effort counts!

Things we’d like to see..speaking of that, let’s, for fun, take a peek into our daydreams. Vacations are on hold, but that doesn’t stop us from planning and making lists of all the places we’d like to explore! Working in the garden during quarantine had/has us seeing all of the possibilities (and effort) that goes into a dream garden. All of the shifting of life lately has a way of making you take step back and perhaps wonder what your true goals are, what they look like and even how to reach them. The first step in reaching a destination is deciding where you would like to end up, no? 

Describe your dream ________

What is your role? What does it entail? What do you love about it? Do you have your own company or work for a cool one that aligns with your values?

Are you into the homesteader life or do you see yourself in the bright lights of the big city? What aspects of your desired lifestyle are you drawn to and why? Do you want a big family? Or maybe the nomadic explorer life is more your vibe. Write about where you see yourself on the daily in an ideal future!

What does it look like? What plants are there? Are you growing food, or maybe prized roses? What climate is it in? How do you incorporate enjoying your garden into your life?

Tiny house life? On the road in a custom RV? Modern Farmhouse? Loft apartment in NYC? Small single family home with a garden and land? Historic Victorian fixer-upper? Cool Mid Century Mod house surrounded by trees? Where is it located? Envision your dream house!

Travel Destination
A faraway remote tropical island? Nepal? Alaska? Southern Italy? Australia? Japan? If you could go anywhere in the world, logistics aside, where would you go and why? What would you do while you’re there? 

Literally any other ideal dream thing that resonates for you
Journal all about it! You can choose one of the above examples, all of them, or come up with a whole new category.

Maybe you’re already living the dream in some of these categories, which is awesome. Heck yes! Maybe you feel you have a ways to go - that is totally relatable and ok too! Very much so. No matter where you are, take a little time to indulge in some of your ultimate goals and just have fun with it. Dream it do it babes.

Hope you all have a great week!

Happy Journaling♥
The Antiquaria Team 

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