May 25, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Twenty-Eight

Hey there Journal Gang! Happy Memorial Day to you all. Our thoughts are with all the men and women that have sacrificed everything in the line of service for our country; their families, friends and community. True grit. 

Memorial Day represents the ‘unofficially official’ start of Summer. This year has been a rollercoaster ride so far..with everything unfolding and changing quickly, it can be tricky to know how to feel, what to do or when to make plans. Can you relate? It’s the unofficial start of Summer, but we’re left wondering - what will Summer even look like this year? In a typical year, right around this time vacations would be beginning to pop up on our studio calendar. Trips to gardens, museums and breweries would grace the weekends. Sadly, this year...they aren’t! So..what should we do instead?

Let’s think on it! Summer is typically such a lively and adventurous time of year. We thought it would be helpful to make lists of revised goals and plans for Summer 2020 - quarantine edition. How can we still feel like we’re enjoying the spirit of Summer when many traditional activities are off the table for now? 

So what sorts of things can we put on a list? Think of things that you’d like to do, but maybe typical wouldn’t follow through with, if all of the traditional alternatives (vacations, outings, etc) were available. 

Drive-in movie theatre 
Get out of the house, fully reclining seats, your own snacks, movie, fresh air and personal space? This checks all the win boxes. 

Join an Online Book Club
Or make a list of all those books you’ve wanted to read, but never had time to..and then read them! There are SO many good books. Reading a book under a shade tree is just really…nice.

Sketch, Draw or Paint Outdoors
This is another great way to get some fresh air and practice a craft too! Your reference objects right there at their very best, in living color. 

Work on Your Living Space
No matter your budget or current space, there are always small touches you can do to jazz things up. Very rewarding to improve a space and make it feel more cozy. 

Even if you only have a small balcony! If you have a yard, amazing! If not, you can totally still garden. Herbs and tomatoes are great for a small balcony or window garden. 

Fancy Cheese + Wine Picnic 
Even wear a pretty dress if you like! Lift your pinky finger high as you drink for the full effect. 

Sidewalk Chalk Art 
Just for kids? No way. Have kids? Make and epic sidewalk mural together!

Lawn games 
Grab some beer and hey, pretty much at the brewery..right?

Hiking a local trail 
Do a little research on your local area to see what trails would be best. So so many great trails and parks out there.

Take an Online Course or Workshop
Choose something fun and engaging that makes you feel excited!

Do you have an idea for something we could add to the list? Let us know in the comments! This is definitely going to be an unconventional Summer. But who knows - maybe we’ll find some joy along the way, spend some nice time outside and have a few stories to tell? That’s the spirit of Summer, after all. 

Hang in There, Be Well and Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team 

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