May 18, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Twenty-Seven

Hey Journal Gang! We’re back this week with another prompt to inspire some journaling magic! How has your journaling been going over the past few weeks? For us, some weeks are more productive than others, but we enjoy doing our best to always come back and find solace in this creative outlet as much as possible. It’s a grounding activity with a lot of artistic freedom involved. At times, writing is more of a focus. Other days/week it’s more graphic and art journal based. You can make your journal 100% whatever you’re feeling at the time. Again - no wrong way to journal!

Last week we took a step back to view ourselves objectively for a little morale boost. What things did you reflect on and give yourself credit for? We’re sure the list was long - you have a lot to offer! This week we’re taking more solace in the little moments of the day, with a fresh spin. Our very first journaling prompt (can you believe we founded journal club over six months ago now?!) focused on recognizing and embracing the #1 best highlight of the day. It's a prompt we like to incorporate into different weeks, because it can incite gratitude and give some perspective. When times are uncertain or stressful it can be especially cathartic to find the little gems in each 24 hours we’re given. Every day has something to offer! Some days it’s a bit easier to recognize than others, but that’s life, and totally ok. 

Having positive things to anticipate can help you appreciate the here and now as well, make goals and enjoy planning. So many things have been disrupted this year because of Covid. Aside from all the of major disruptions to life and work, a lot of fun and life milestone plans - vacations, ceremonies, weddings, family gatherings, etc. - have also been put on hold. Disapointment is only natural. We remain hopeful that we can at some point carry on with our lives and find a new normal where we can safely do those things again. Won’t that be amazing? In the meanwhile, we’re looking to the every day experience and finding smaller things to look forward to.

Your morning coffee, taking a walk, video chat with a friend, an afternoon nap, 20 minutes peace and quiet to yourself, a journaling session, watching a movie, tending to your garden or plants, cooking dinner, baking bread, playing an instrument, writing a letter, receiving a package, going for a joy ride, getting some takeout, doing a fun activity with your kid(s). These are a few things that make these days better!

So what are your things? What moments of your day do you look forward to, especially now? Revel in those moments, and journal all about it!

All the best, and Happy Journaling! 
The Antiquaria Team

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