November 13, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | What's Your Journal Personality?

Journaling is SO personal, it's no wonder it comes in so many "shapes & sizes". It's meant to be personal and meaningful, so it's important to pick the style of journaling that appeals to you. Picking what appeals to you and feels right for your lifestyle is an important step to maintaining the habit!

While the list of options is essentially endless, we've narrowed it down to 3 main categories:

➺Bullet Journaling
➺Art Journaling
➺Writing (Reflective) Journaling

One may TOTALLY speak to you, or your perfect journal may include a little bit of each. Read on to find out what they are so that you can make an informed decision...


From the creator of the method and book:

"Bullet Journal® (or BuJo® for short) was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and author living in Brooklyn, NY. Diagnosed with learning disabilities early in life, he was forced to figure out alternate ways to be focused and productive. Through years of trial and error, he developed a methodology that went far beyond simple organization. Now he focuses on helping others learn what the Bullet Journal method is truly about: the art of intentional living". 

"Bullet Journal® is a methodology. It's best described as a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. It's designed to help you organize your what while you remain midnful of your why. The goal of the Bullet Journal is to help its practitioners (Bullet Journalists) live intentional lives, ones that are both productive and meaningful".

This system of productivity has become WILDLY popular and an inspiring community on Instagram. It may be for you if you're looking for more organization, record keeping and goal tracking. There are TONS of amazing resources on getting started and layouts to optimize success. You can find a few of them here, here, and here.


Art journaling is a much looser category, incorporating SO MANY different styles and variations.

Some include a lot (or all) painting and some a lot of writing with illustrations to go along with them. We tend to think of this category as a bit of a catch-all for incorporating your interests on the page.

This method is very therapeutic and there is no right/wrong way to art journal - which is an AMAZING fact! Because of this, this category can feel a little more overwhelming because of the limitlessness. Don't worry about that if it speaks to you! The tools that you chose yesterday will help to make it more cohesive and less overwhelming to start.

Interested in learning more? Try starting here, here and here.


This is what most of us think of as "traditional journaling" and for those of us that aren't wordsmiths may seem intimidating. It definitely doesn't have to be! And you know what, you NEVER have to show your journal if you don't want to.

Reflective journaling can really help you work through your thoughts or a situation that arises in your life - so don't rule it out - even if you think it isn't right for you.

This style lends itself wonderfully to on-the-go lifestyles because it can be truly minimal and impulsive. The trick is ALWAYS having your journal handy for when a thought pops into your mind.

Interested in learning more? Check out here, here, here and here.

EXCITED to get started? Us too.

Those three main categories should give your something to "chew" on in order to decide what may feel right to you. More than anything, we're trying to help you find your own journaling voice so that you can truly succeed in the journey.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, a combo of these would be totally AMAZING so definitely don't rule that out if they all or a couple really speak to you. It could be SUPER INTERESTING to have an art journal spread with a reflective piece on the next page that delves deeper into a topic in the art or a bullet journal that incorporates a collage style element to decorate it's pages. OR maybe you paint your pages and then you write your reflective thoughts over top. See? SO MANY cool options.

Again, don't let that overwhelm you. Think about the tools you chose as well as the style that fits your lifestyle and don't overthink it.

So, which style speaks to you? Just one or a combo?

We will be back tomorrow with the last piece of "set up" for journal club, selecting the perfect journal. Until then, happy researching and discovery!

Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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