November 14, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Choosing the PERFECT Notebook

Why give so much thought to the tools and style of journal that you'd like to incorporate first? Well...because PAPER IS FICKLE and OPTIONS ARE VAST. 

In our years of being in the paper industry, we know that some papers are great for writing with ball points and some are great for fountain pens but not watercolors. Some are good for watercolor but not for nibs. Some you can see through and some are totally opaque.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg - there are also a ton of sizes to choose from. Tiny ones that fit in a pocket...all the way up to large format journals larger than your head!

Plus, depending on the style of journal you'd like to make, it can definitely matter what type of notebook you select. Picking a graph paper notebook can make bullet journaling SO MUCH easier. And picking a watercolor paper notebook can really help make using mixed media WAY LESS of a headache.

Does this mean that you can't use that notebook you have laying around. HECK NO! Use what you've got and make it work (more tips on this tomorrow) but if you're able or have the desire to purchase a new one, it's worth considering your tools and journaling style before you decide. Make sure that the tools that you use will work with the paper and that they general way that you want to set it up is supported by what's printed on the paper (ie, blank vs. graph vs. lined).


➤For Bullet Journaling
Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal

➤For Ballpoint Pens & Collage
Antiquaria Jotter Supreme

➤For Calligraphy (Dip Pen & Ink)
Calligraphy Practice Journal (seriously the BEST paper)

➤For Fountain Pen Lovers
Tomoe River Notebooks

➤For Collage and Mixed Media
Strathmore Visual Art Journals
(It's nice to have a spiral bound book if you plan to do a lot of "pasting in" the notebook. That way, it expands and doesn't warp as much)

➤For Reflective Journaling
Rhodia Webnotebook

➤For Large Format Journaling
(ie you prefer writing or working large and need lots of space on the page)
Life Noblenotes A4

➤For Journal Diversity (incorporating many different paper styles)
Travelers Notebook and Inserts

The notebook (or planner for that matter) that you choose to use is as individual as you are. The ones above are just a FEW suggestions in the endless variety to choose from. We can't wait to see what you choose to use for your upcoming journaling journey!

Well folks, that's it! All of the magic ingredients needed in order to set off on the right foot. We're SUPER excited about starting off next week with our first prompt and getting to share the experience with all of you. Tomorrow we will be back with a few more thoughts before the real fun begins. But until then, we're dying to know...

Exactly what notebook will YOU be using??

Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria team

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