February 26, 2013

Stamping Basics | Inking and Printing a Large Stamp

I'm thrilled to introduce a new series here at Antiquaria, Stamping Basics!
With this series we aim to illustrate through video, some of the standard techniques we use to achieve beautiful results with our custom stamps.

For our first episode, we've started at the very beginning...how to ink and print the stamp.  Don't get me wrong, the process is super simple but we thought it was important to share how we get great prints every time (well almost every time) we put stamp to paper.

I certainly hope you find this tutorial useful! If you have any specific questions you'd like to have answered in a future episode, let us know in the comments section or via email and we'd be happy to oblige.



  1. thanks for this brief tutorial! i'm making my invitations and was wondering how many stamp pads I should order. i'm making about 100 invitations, rsvps, reception cards, and using a return address stamp for the invitation envelopes and rsvp envelopes. i'm having trouble finding the color I want in stores and will have to order it online from your store. thanks for you help!

    1. Sure! It looks like you have a lot of stamping in your future.
      For your quantity I would suggest getting 3 pads to start (plus...you have have friends and family help that way)! They're pretty juicy so one pad should last for quite a few prints. Hope this helps!


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