November 02, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Fifty-One


Hey Journal Gang,

How was your Halloween?! Did you find some creative ways to celebrate this year? So fun to see how people adapted and embraced the new circumstances. Candy scavenger hunts, fancy small spooky dinners and DIY candy delivery shoot systems. That’s a ‘new normal’ Halloween for you!

It’s always nice to have some lighthearted things to look forward to, especially these days. This week is a strange one, because as we all know, the election is tomorrow. It seems as if things have been building up to this for so long - the anticipation and uncertainty of it all is a little (ok...more than a little) overwhelming. Are you feeling that too? It’s a strange time; like a bizarre grand finale to this bizarre year. With all this can come some busy thoughts! Perfect time for some journaling therapy. 

This week we encourage you to use your journal as an outlet to filter through some of those vibes of..whatever this is. Sometimes it just helps to just vent and connect words to abstract thoughts and worries, as if somehow writing them on a page takes away a bit of their power. It also helps give some perspective. 

If you’ve already voted, heck yes! We love seeing so much engagement in the process this year - it’s so amazing and important, in every election! If you haven’t voted yet, coordinate with some friends and make a plan to - there's still time! 

We aren’t sure what the future holds, but we have hope it can be brighter, with more peace and progress for us all. 

All the best, friends❤

Happy Journaling,


The Antiquaria Team 

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