August 31, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Forty-Two

Hey Journal Gang,

Welcome to September - almost! One more day until we’re in the last month of Summer. How did your journaling go last week? Were you able to lean into some of your favorite simple living vibes? We sure hope so, because it seems that a large component of a good life is merely a collection of those lovely low key moments.

Over the past few days we’ve had a shift in the winds here, so to speak; a break in the heat and drought. Last night, the skies were clear for what seemed like the first time in weeks. Somehow the stars shone brighter then before, twinkling and shimmering their greetings. The moon glow enveloped the garden like a satin silver shroud. Beautiful nights. There is now that ever-so-slight hint of fall in the air that creeps out at dusk and vanishes with the morning dew. Subtle, fleeting - but most definitely there! It’s a welcome sensation. 

Something about the cusp of a season change can evoke a lot of memories or a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps it’s a quiet acceptance of letting go of the season's passing and a sense of readiness or excitement for the shift ahead. There’s a bit of a mental transition between Summer and Fall. The world slows a bit, or perhaps becomes a bit more introverted in nature. Attentions, routines, hobbies and goals shift. There are still plenty of warm days ahead..but that little mental shift is there for sure. Do you notice that in yourself around this time of year as well? 

It has us reflecting on this Summer and how so. much. has happened. But also…nothing much? Depending on what perspective you're looking at it from, that is. A strange thing. There are plenty of stressful things to mentally catalog, but we wondered…what were the personal highlights of the summer? To be honest, the list is shorter - or at least different - than it would normally be. But that’s ok. We’ve all done our best under the circumstances and there were definitely some good moments to be had, especially along the lines of the ‘simple living’ mentality.

So, what were your highlights for the Summer? What were the hardest moments? How did you grow, what did you learn? What do you look forward to next Summer? Take a few moments in your journal this week and reflect on what all the sunny days meant to you this year.

Remember: So far you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. You’re doing great.

Keep on the Sunny Side and Happy Journaling,

The Antiquaria Team 

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