June 26, 2020

NEW! Sticker Greeting Cards and Sticker Sheets

Howdy! We are thrilled to introduce our NEW collection of sticker greeting cards and sticker sheets. Chock full of colorful designs to stick here, there and anywhere, we just can't get enough! 

It's a card, it's a sticker sheet....it's a sticker sheet greeting card! Fun, right? Cards are wonderful, but cards that also include a gift are even better, so we've decided to blend two product genres that we love and use all the time ourselves. Stickers are designed into BOTH the front and back of the card, so you have even more variety!

One of our favorite ways to use stickers is for embellishing envelopes. They look so cute with calligraphy! They are also great for decorating notebooks and journals. (Hey Antiquaria Journal Club!)
Sticker Sheet | Cactus Correspondence
Sticker Greeting Card | Stick Together Cactus

One of the most rewarding things about being creative business owners is seeing an idea come to fruition, and having it ultimately turn out even better than you'd hoped for. Seriously, that's the best! 
The Antiquaria Team

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