January 13, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Nine

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
Mahatma Gandhi

Journal Club friends! Warm greetings to you all, as we enter our ninth week of Journal Club. We’re moving ever-forward into the new year, our goals and aspirations pleasantly lingering in our thoughts; thoughts of all this vast world has to offer, and all we may have to offer the world in return!

With our 2020 intentions fresh and shining in our conscious minds, and our Workshops starting this weekend (YAY!), we’re keen to engage, acquire/expand upon knowledge and fearlessly follow through! Every week, every day, is another opportunity to learn something new. Taking on an unknown skill or engaging in a challenge helps us grow as people, gain perspective, build confidence and discover ourselves in a new way. It can connect us with one another, and foster new relationships. There is literally NO downside to being a lifelong learner! We are all for diving into a new subject and adding to our skillset - let’s do this!!

Our intentions and our learning aspirations have some overlaps, for sure! Our team wants to explore a wide variety of subjects: outdoor gardening and permaculture, adventure photography, trying new drawing techniques - plus MANY more! The intentional choice to explore and learn carries us towards fulfilling intentions, which is SO satisfying. It opens a whole new realm of opportunities!

So..what topics come to the forefront of your mind? What activities or subjects have you always wanted to try? Maybe you've already begun learning something, but want to elevate your level of expertise. If you aren’t quite sure what you'd like to learn - refer back to your intentions and goals! Breaking it down from there is great inspiration point if you aren’t sure what to try first. Determine what goals are most important, what your priorities are and then ask yourself - what do I need to learn to arrive there?

Listen to your heart, try your best, learn from failures, be flexible, never give up - and you cannot go wrong!!

We can’t wait to hear about your interests!

Happy Dreaming, Learning and Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team

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