November 25, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Two

It’s officially WEEK TWO of Journal Club! Yay!

We hope you had a stellar experience getting into the swing of things with last week’s prompt!! Seeing everyone's page spreads has been so exciting and inspiring! Taking the time to reflect upon the highlights of our daily lives over the past week has really reinforced all of the wonderful things about even the most average of days - and the fact that there are SO many things to be grateful for. Seriously, when we think about it, the list goes on and on!

As we enter this week of bountiful Thanksgiving celebrations here in the US, we’d like to take some time to further reflect upon those things large and small that we’re most thankful for! From gorgeous sunsets (there have been so many here lately!) to having a loving, supportive family, and everything in-between.

Perhaps some of your highlights from the past week can act as inspiration and serve as a reminder of what’s most important in your life. Holidays can be super hectic and busy, so we invite you to (in between servings of pumpkin pie!) allow yourself some moments to reflect and simply soak it all in.

We are so looking forward to continuing the journey with all of you! This has been such a great experience so far, and we are GRATEFUL for the community of journaling enthusiasts and everyone that supports us along the way in this life - there’s another thing for the list! Wishing everyone a wonderful week of rest, time with family, friends, feasting and journaling!

Happy Journaling, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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