November 15, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Before We Dive In...

We don't know about you, but we've had a pretty darn fun week planning and dreaming about our new journal! Maybe you're all set for Monday and raring to go - or - maybe you're still getting your ducks in a row. In either case, we're SO EXCITED that you've decided to join us!

Before Monday rolls around and we kick everything off officially, we wanted to pop in with one last little post about the intentions of the club and some advice about beginning this project...

The Antiquaria Journal Club is meant to help facilitate your journaling journey. There is no right or wrong here. It's all about the PROCESS, not the product. It is not a competition.

We hope to help make journaling a part of your everyday in order to reap the many benefits that it provides. And in the process we hope that you find inspiration and friends near and far.

Our plan is to post a short prompt each Monday morning. This prompt will usually be very simple so that if you only have 5 minutes per day/week to meditate on it, you can still achieve the practice (we know how life goes). The prompts can also be expanded upon and each week we will give you some additional points to tackle if you so choose.

The prompts are just a jumping off point. If you feel inspired to write or record any additional information in the process - that's WONDERFUL! Maybe one week's prompt will speak to you so much that you'll decide to incorporate it into your daily journaling in an ongoing way. That would be VERY COOL.

We plan to share our own journals as well as our thoughts, trials and tribulations with you along the way. And we would LOVE it if you'd share yours with us too so that we can all learn from each other. You just never know when your exact dilemma will help another person push through theirs.

That being said, it is not a requirement to share anything and we hope to inspire you however you decide to follow along. 😀

We're also hoping to have Journal Club meet up's locally in our downtown Littleton, CO shop. So if you're local - please keep an eye out for that!


➤There are no mistakes.

We know that this is a REALLY HARD one to overcome. Fear of making a mark we don't like inside something as permanent as a notebook can deter many people from ever starting.

What's the solution? Easy! Collage something over it! Or - if you are truly paralyzed by the blankness, start writing your thoughts on loose paper. This can very easily be pasted into a notebook and arranged just how you like it after the fact! Just add a little Washi or stickers and you've got yourself a journal spread!

➤You don't think your handwriting is up to snuff.

This is a super common thought - but we're here to tell you that IT DOESN'T MATTER!

What's the solution? There are a few things that can help you overcome this.
1. Practice your handwriting (if this is something that you'd really like to improve). Hey - the prompts could easily become your penmanship practice! Win-WIN!
2. Type out your thoughts and paste them into your journal. As above, doing some of your writing on other paper (typed, written on loose paper) can be a great option for those who are unsure or lack confidence in their penmanship.
3. Don't sweat it! This is the easiest...Just don't worry about it. Your handwriting is uniquely YOURS and is your own personal mark. Don't be ashamed of this. Roll with it!

➤Be flexible.

Sometimes we have an idea in our mind of what we want to achieve but the result isn't exactly what we expected.

What's the solution?  Be generous with yourself and find the areas where you'd like to grow or change. Maybe you find that what you've chosen is too much of a commitment for your current season of life. That's OKAY! Realize this, regroup and make a new plan instead of simply giving up.

Maybe you find that the notebook you selected isn't ultimately compatible with your tools. Despite that this feels like a huge bummer right out of the gate, try using papers that DO work and pasting into your notebook. Or - get one that works better and use the other for a different purpose.

➤Focus on the process

A final product can be very motivating but the process is what this journey is about. If we only worry about how things are looking or how many pages are "done" then we're missing the point.

What's the solution? Use this journaling project as a way to connect with yourself and your own unique interests and perspective. What's happening in your day to day life. Journaling has a way of grounding us and helping us to process our experience. Lean into THAT. It truly doesn't matter if you get one page done a month or 12. What does matter is that you're enjoying the process and most of all, having fun.

What other journaling hang-ups have stopped you from doing it in the past? We'd love to know!

Well folks...That's it! We're ready to go and STOKED for next week!! Are you?

Til Monday,
Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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