December 08, 2014

Mrs. E & Mrs. B | The Holiday Lists

These are a few of our favorite things...AND they're all available for Christmas delivery!

Emma loves:
1) Tropical Abstract Art Print (for her daughter Sydney's room)
2) Turquoise Pigment Ink (SUCH a good color!)
3) Oh Hey There Boxed Set (for quick notes to friends)
4) Atomic Starburst Monogram Stamp Kit (for her retro loving friend Emily)
5) Black and White Divine Twine (a classic wrapping essential)
6) Geo Patterned Paper (for crafting her own personal stationery)

Bailey Loves:
1) Handkerchief Merci Boxed Notes (for her vintage loving momma)
2) Dr. Martin's Copperplate Gold Ink (the BEST gold ink around)
3) Stationery Subscription Kit (who wouldn't want stationery goodies delivered?)
4) Lucy Floral Art Print (for her home studio)
5) Calligraphy Starter Kit (Bailey's essential calligraphy tools-all in one lovely package)
6) Camillia Monogram Stamp Kit (she's making hand-stamped stationery for loved ones this year!)

Happy shopping and please let us know if you have any questions! Wishing you a wonderful week!
Emma & Bailey

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