December 17, 2013

Calligraphy Tutorial | the Capital Letter "G"

Howdy! Hoping that all of your holiday decorating, shopping and partying is coming along swimmingly. It's been a busy month for us and we're looking forward to celebrating next week with family and friends.

We're here today with the capitol letter "G." It's one of our ABSOLUTE favorite letters. It's so curly and you can write it so many different ways. You can flourish the descender (the tail) or the lead-in stroke. So FUN!

As you can see in the first example, we've attached the descender to the "r" next to it to make a graceful join. The third example is similar in structure but this time we did not connect the descender. The choice is up to you and will depend on what you're writing! Option 2 is a really fun, old school looking G. It's awesome to use if you don't have a lot of space since it doesn't dip below the line!

We KNOW it's a busy time of year...but how is your practicing going? Hopefully you've gotten to squeeze a little in-between rolling cookies or perhaps you addressed your holiday cards with a pen and ink! We want to see how you're doing so tag your Instagram shots with #letterschool and as usual, feel free to comment below or on Instagram with any questions that you may have!

Peace, Love and Letters,
Bailey & Emma

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