July 31, 2013

Wet Your Whistle | 3 Baby Shower Drink Ideas

One of our favorite parts of planning Emma's baby shower (which was featured on Camille Styles last month if you haven't seen all the fun details) was coming up with delicious but virgin mock-tails to serve to all of the guests. After perusing Pinterest and some of our favorite blogs we came up with 3 refreshing ways to quench their thirst!

This Cucumber Rosemary Chiller is the perfect thing to pair with tea sandwiches. The herbal, citrusy & crisp combo of cucumber, rosemary and lemon is refreshing & unusual.
*We juiced the cucumber and rosemary in a juicer instead of muddling. This way, it yields more juice and you retain a bright green color.*

Talk about a burst of flavor! This Ginger-Basil Spritzer is zingy and perfect for a hot day (and we've had a lot of those lately)!
*We used Maine Root Ginger Beer for it's bright, gingery flavor.*

A gorgeous dispenser of flavored water is essential at any party. This one is flavored with citrus (lemons and limes), mint and cucumber. For a fun touch, freeze baby roses in ice cubes the night before the party to dress up your water glasses!

A big thank you to Kelly Lynn James for the gorgeous photos & documenting such a special day.

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