September 27, 2012

So Inspired | Office Space

              Since Bailey moved to Pasadena a couple of weeks ago, we've both had an opportunity to re-organize our studio spaces. We love our work spaces to have lots of natural light and ample storage. 
Since it's been on my mind this week, I thought I'd share some studio inspiration. 
enjoy ~ Emma

From Top to Bottom:
1. image by Studio Sweet Studio via Apartment Therapy  / 2. The Antiquaria Studio, photo by Kelly Lynn James / 3. image via Decor 8 / 4. image via Laura Resen / 5. image via Apartment Therapy


  1. You can know all about office space from the post here. Useful information

  2. Awesome office studio inspiration you got here. The first one looks pretty cosy since the working table is directly facing the window. A perfect spot to catch some air when busy on a long day.

  3. These office spaces are a sight to behold! All of them are gorgeous and one-of-a-kind! But what I love the most about these designs is that all of them look bright, inviting and elegant.


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