July 24, 2012

The Antiquarian Post | Issue No. 4 : Summer 2012

Open publication - Free publishing - More antiquaria

We've been super busy here in the Antiquarian Design Studio this Summer. As hectic it's been (Bailey's wedding etc), we couldn't bare the thought of skipping a season of the Post so here it is!  This summer we were inspired by vintage embroideries, rainbows of dishes, warm summer hues and delicious fruity cocktails. As everything starts to settle back to normal, we're looking forward to some long afternoons with our toes in the sand and a good book (suggestions are welcome!).
Hope you enjoy!

xoxo Bailey & Emma

A special thanks to Kelly for the gorgeous photography and to Jamie for assisting Kelly :)


  1. You are very welcome! And the Summer edition looks gorgeous, Ladies! :)

  2. {gasp} your post is beautiful!!! is there a pinterest page with those pics to repin? kami from thebluekazoo.blosgpot.com


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