October 26, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Fifty

Hey Journal Gang,

Happy week of Halloween! We just received our annual late October snow here in Colorado and had a cozy weekend indoors. These few weeks of the year always seem to be the true marker of a shift into the cold weather/holiday season. Do you feel that way too? 

The origins of Halloween vary depending on your sources, but for some it was a marker of the end of harvest season and a commemoration of the journey of life (and death). These days, it’s an excuse to be creative, resourceful, have fun with decorations, imbibe in sweets, maybe have some drinks and visit with friends. This year, of course, it will be a bit different (looking at you, covid.)  Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how do you usually celebrate? We thought it would be fun to just have a general Halloween (or general Fall, if Halloween isn’t your thing!) themed journal spread!

There are still plenty of ways to be festive and safe this year. Pumpkin carving, making themed baked goods, watching classic movies, embroidering spooky cute designs, an outdoor candy hunt (like easter eggs!), socially-distanced outdoor festivities, or simply staying in, being cozy and journaling about party and costume ideas for, hopefully, next year.

Speaking of hope…To our US friends - if you haven’t had the opportunity to vote yet, now is the time!! Let’s get out there at some point this week (take some friends along!), vote early and use our voices to make the difference for a better future. 
Happy Halloween, and Happy Journaling!


The Antiquaria Team

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