August 03, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Eight

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” 
Happy Monday Journal Gang! Grateful to start another week and continue to move forward with some plans and personal goals we have in motion. Things are crazy in the world right now, but aiming to find things to be thankful for helps keep the overwhelming thoughts from spiraling. We hope you’re feeling good and enjoyed exploring the whimsical world of Haikus last week! Did you have a favorite haiku? If so, drop us a comment - we would love to hear it! Not only is it fun to write Haikus, but it’s a treat to read them too.

The past few months have held a lot of changes and transitions, assessing and reflection. A phrase that has been on the radar quite a bit lately is ‘mental load’. The pandemic, uncertainty, unrest, politics, economics, relationships, huge changes in routines and social interaction - ahhh!  Having ALL of these components concurrently in states of constant flux can be…heavy. The result can be stress, anxiety and burnout. So we’re wondering…what are we ready to release and let go of?

How can we be productive and stay creative without burning out during all this? What is taking up valuable mental real estate that serves no purpose except to exacerbate abstract worries and doubts? It could be assessing the inner world of self talk, or changing how you engage with media. Which habits do I have that are not serving me well, and how can I  release those? Am I holding onto things from the past that no longer add value to my life? What can I let go of in order to help others more? What changes can I make to maintain my own equilibrium, while making a positive impact? These are some of the questions we’re asking ourselves for this week’s journaling sessions.

So..think of what’s been on your mind and how you’ve been feeling over these past few weeks. How is everything affecting you? What's changed or stayed the same? What habits, thoughts, actions or ideas are no longer serving you at this time? Taking a step back and doing some journaling about these things can help us figure out where to make adjustments in order to stay present and grounded. Easier said than done, but journaling is such a great tool to help us get there!

May you find peace in releasing all those things❣

Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team 

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