August 17, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Forty

Hey Journal Gang, 

Were you able to dive into your toolkit and channel some creativity last week? We had so much fun letting all of our washi and supplies guide our journaling experiences. It’s always so interesting to see what comes together when you let the materials inspire you! There are so many cool and unique tapes, stickers, stamps and writing instruments out there. Endless inspiration. Did you find a theme coming through on your page? 

Themes..if there was a ‘theme’ for your Summer this year, what would it look like? Ours would be different than a typical Summer, but there have still been some bright moments and progress along the way. That said, we can’t help but let our minds wander towards what lies ahead in the traditional comforts of the Fall season. Here in Colorado, there have been wildfires, temps in the 90s, and we desperately in need some rain. This makes the crisp chill of Fall more alluring than ever. There are still unknowns and hesitations about the end of this year..with the pandemic, schools back in session and the election looming. Lots of uncertainty to be found. Still, the days will cool, the Fall harvests and flavors will start appearing as our hemisphere winds down and shifts towards winter. Perhaps we can find moments of comfort and normalcy along the way. We remain hopeful.

What are you looking forward to about Fall? What are you concerned about? What are your favorite aspects of the season? Do you have an annual Autumn activity you always look forward to? What is your food of the season? 

When the heat is hot…find some comfort in your sweater weather daydreams.

Happy Journaling!
The Antiquaria Team

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