July 13, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Thirty-Five

Hey Journal Gang, how was your weekend?

We always appreciate some low key time during these two days to rest, maybe get a few things done and just take a spell to appreciate small things. We all have our own ways of turning down the volume on the world. Poking around in the garden. Reading. Cooking. Netflix. Day drives to nowhere. Listening to music. Snacks. Naps. Hikes. Riding. Painting. It’s important to make time to let yourself just ‘be’, you know? You don’t have to feel guilty for not always being ultra productive. (Does anyone else struggle with that?) Especially in this ‘new normal’ -  we’re navigating through each day a bit like…what now? What next?? How??? It can deplete your energy quickly. Last week our team chatted and had a check in over zoom, as we do these days. We talked about the range of emotions we’ve been dealing with lately, and shared our experiences, both over the last few months and what we’re currently going through on an individual level. 

We all have different daily realities surrounding not only our roles at Antiquaria, but in our own lives and families. We’ve all felt quarantine and the ever-extending threat of covid in varied ways. We have our unique challenges to deal with, but even then, the majority of the underlying emotions are similar. We’ll elaborate on all this soon with a dedicated post, featuring interview blurbs, thoughts, grey clouds and silver linings.

Our chat was a really great reminder on the importance of checking in with yourself on where you stand; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. It’s ok to be having ooone hell of a time navigating through this, especially as things really have no end in sight. It’s ok to be angry at times, anxious, feeling unmotivated and having signs of mental fatigue or burnout! It’s ok to be feeling great and productive if that’s how you feel! No matter where you are, know where that is and honor it. Having that awareness gives you power.

So this week ask yourself, How the heck am I feeling today? If you love making art normally but feel uninspired to the max lately, use this week’s journaling time as an approachable easement back into that groove. If you just want to write it all out venting style no art involved, perfect! Again - there's never a wrong way to journal.

How are you holding up lately? What's been your saving grace over the past few months? Let us know below!

Here’s to better days.

Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team 

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