April 13, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Twenty-Two

Heey there Journal Gang,

It’s Monday, (or is it? Honestly can’t be too sure these days!) so that means we’ve got a fresh journaling prompt to ponder over this week. We hope you had a wonderful Easter, and that you all continue to find bright moments in sprinkled throughout your days, despite all the strangeness and uncertainty. It’s been really beautiful outside recently, and that's definitely reflected as a highlight in our journals. As we creep forward in the calendar, one numbered box after another, things shift and settle like sand beneath the feet. The adaptations of routines, evolving emotions; a total change of most aspects of our daily lives. As we navigate this “new normal” perspectives shift, we reflect and adapt - as humans tend to do!  Doing the best we can in a situation we’ve never experienced during our lifetimes. A large part of anxiety is fear of the unknown - what will happen? We can approach this ‘what if’ from multiple angles.

A letter, to you, in the future. Take some time to envision what your normal, everyday life was like. What do you miss and love about it? What has changed? What do you not miss about it? What about it do you look forward to doing again? What about it did you take for granted? What are you grateful for about your current days? We can further understand the present by relating to the past! Perhaps this massive and sudden shift in the world is a chance to reflect and make changes for the better, not only on a cultural and political scale, but in a personal capacity.

So think to an imagined future, when all of this has passed (and it will pass, eventually!) and things are some semblance of our normal lives again. What would you like your future self to know? What small blessings came out of this experience for you? Who do you value most and how did you connect with them during this time? What aspects of humanity gave you hope? Were you able to learn something that propelled you forward emotionally or professionally? What advice would you give? What kind words do you have for your future self? You could tell yourself how you were feeling and what thoughts you were having, what you were doing for fun, or about something you created.

These are just a starting point to inspire your letter writing - you can write absolutely anything! It can be a short letter, a long letter, a few sentences, a haiku, or your letter can be represented visually with imagery! We’re experiencing history in real time. Having a personal letter to yourself is a one-of a kind insight to what you’re going through now, and in the present, can broaden your view towards better days. Better days will be here again!

Sending you (and your future selves!) love♥
Stay Strong and Happy Journaling,
The Antiquaria Team

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