January 10, 2020

Antiquaria Journal Club | The Blank Page, Vol. 3

Hey Journal Club friends! It's Friday, and this esteemed day of the week is about to get even better..with a NEW Volume of The Blank Page! Today we'll be featuring Antiquaria Journal Club member Kim Lamberth. Her journal is really lovely, and it was a treat to read her responses. Always so insightful to see how other artists engage in a creative process. We know you're going to love her work too! So without further ado, let's dive into Kim's journaling experience!

Kim Lamberth

Stillman & Birn,  Zeta Series 7.5"x7.5"

Journaling Type

Watercolor, pens, ink, parallel pens, brush pens, Inktense watercolor pencils, folded pen

What is your primary goal in keeping a journal?
I started art journaling a couple of years ago as a way to document my days and as a tangible way to practice sketching, watercolor and calligraphy/lettering.  I fell in love with the process of journaling and even though I am not always consistent day to day, I seem to come back to it when I need an outline for my creativity. We all have a story that is worth documenting, even if it's just for ourselves. 

How do you approach the blank page?
I almost always start by putting the date on the page. It's my way of getting past the "blank page" and overcoming the initial fear. While I rarely have a plan, I follow the path that the page seems to take on it's own. It seems to be the best way for me to capture what a particular day really feels like. The feel of the page is as important as the visual picture.

Do you use a certain paper or page style? What do you like about it? 
I typically use either Watercolor paper or Mixed Media paper. The square journal that I am using now is the first in the Zeta Series by Stillman & Birn that I have used. It has a smooth extra heavyweight paper that holds watercolor well without buckling.  It has been a change from the Beta Series that I have been using which has a little more tooth to the paper. I'm still learning how to get the most out of it, but so far I like it. It's easier on the fineliner pens and I love the square format.

What is your favorite journaling tool and why?
I love the Molowtow Blackliner pens because the tips hold up really well. But my #1 go to tool is always watercolor.  I have a small, travel sized empty case and half pans that I filled them with my own color palette. Earth tones are definitely my colors of choice, but I also like to pull pinks in to the mix, as well as anything sparkly! I travel a lot for my job and watercolors and pens go with me everywhere. Portability is important to me.

What drew you to the type of journal you chose to keep? (art, bullet, reflective, etc)
Art journaling gives me the opportunity to capture the colors in my world on paper and really bring them to life.  I love color in art, even though I tend to use it selectively. I like to play with monochromatic themes as well as other combinations.  Using complementary colors with a splash of a contrasting color makes the page pop, in my eyes.

Do you prefer to write at a particular time of day or place? Why?
Typically the evening are my art time. I wish I could create early in the morning before heading out the door, but I tend to be more of a night owl.

What do you love about journaling? 
Documenting my story is really what I love about it the most. Going back through past pages brings that particular event or day back to life for me. 

Do you consider journaling therapeutic? If so, why?
Yes! Journaling has a calming effect on me.  When I am having a creative block, journaling gives me the opportunity to go back to what I know or even to try something new.  It is truly risk-free because no one else has to see it, but because there is no stress behind creating it, usually the page turns out to be sharable. 

What is the most challenging aspect of journaling for you?
Writing my own words in my journal has been a long process for me. When I first started, I mainly sketched and painted, but I have grown more accustomed to putting my thoughts and feelings down on the page.

How has the way you’ve journaled changed over time? (If you’ve seen a progression so far)  In the beginning, my journals were filled with quotes or simple sketches. Now I tend to pull something that was meaningful out of the day/event and include it.  I love plants and flowers, so things found in nature will always be included.

How has journaling benefitted you?
My day is always better when I am making something and journaling has been a good way to do so. The Journal Club prompts have given me new ways to look journaling and I have loved following along with the prompts. 

Changing the world, one journal entry at a a time. 

We want to extend a warm thank you to Kim for being a featured member in our interview series! We look forward to what the future brings and can't wait to see what else you all create!

Happy Journaling!

The Antiquaria Team

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