December 02, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week Three

Striding into a new Monday, a new month (Hey there December!), and WEEK THREE of Journaling Club is upon us!

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, and a fulfilling week reflecting thankfully on all the things that make your life abundant. As we get back into the post-holiday stride of life and move towards the next celebration, our new prompt is meant to help you reflect on this busy transitional week, in a simple and straightforward way.

Describe your day in three words - you could roll with this and literally write three words, you could illustrate them, write things out in bullet points, or express the mood of the day in a more conceptual way. If you’re into poetry, writing haikus could be a fun way to carry out this prompt!

We truly believe there is absolutely no wrong way to journal! Again, it’s about embracing your personal perspective and enjoying the process itself. Be true to yourself and your style, and you cannot go wrong!

Stay tuned for our first installment of our new Interview Series, ‘The Blank Page’.  We plan on featuring members of Journal Club, and sharing their insight and experience through their own words. The first member profile drops on Friday! This series should be a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to put the interviews together. If you’re interested in being featured for The Blank Page, reach out to us and we’d love to have you share your experience! Our Journal Club members are awesome and we love learning from you all. Seriously!

Best wishes for a fabulous week!

Happy Journaling!

Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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