November 18, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week One!


It's WEEK ONE (yay!) and this week our prompt focuses on recording the BEST part of your day. Days seem to fly by SO fast (ahem, where has 2019 gone?) that we wanted to start by recognizing the good in the every day however large or small.

This could be your first cup of coffee in the morning, the way the sunrise looked or a job promotion. It could be written or drawn or painted. It could be expressed with poetry or jotted down in a planner. It's up to you!

Don't worry if you're short on time this week (or every week for that matter), these prompts really do lend themselves to simple answers by design. But if you have the time or desire, they can easily be expanded upon as well.

It's week one and we know that starting is definitely the hardest part...making that first mark, word or plan can seem overwhelming. We're all here to support one another and enjoy the process!

We're looking forward to creating with you all! We will be back later this week sharing our team's journal plans with you and an update on how it's going for us so far this week. It will be so fun to see everyone's different ideas and interpretations in their journals! 

Happy Journaling!

Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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