November 22, 2019

Antiquaria Journal Club | Week One Team Update

Week One is well underway and we hope that you're enjoying the process so far. I know that we sure are! It's been fun to see what everyone in our studio is working well as what Y'ALL are working on!

Before we get to our team member's plans, we wanted to share a couple more helpful tips that have come up this week in the process of diving into our journals...

➺What do you do with the first page??

Usually....SKIP IT! Why? Because journaling is a process and you never know exactly what the journal will end up being. Will it encompass one week or one year? Will it include plans or just thoughts?

If you don't know, then there isn't harm in moving to another page to begin. It can also be fun to skip around - there is NO rule that it has to go in page order!

The first page could end up being a table of contents, a manifesto a summary...or anything else you want! So just skip it right now and we'll circle back!!

➺I want to improve my layout (something is just not quite right) but have trouble seeing where I need to fill in.

The easiest way to "see" your work for design evaluation is to take a photo of it. Luckily, these days taking and viewing a photo is a 2 second process on our phones! Maybe this little trick will be JUST the ticket to helping you finish your page off so you can move onto next week's with confidence.

BTW, this trick works for calligraphy or design as well ;)

Bailey's Plan:

Journal - Midori Traveler's Notebook (watercolor insert)
Journaling Type - Art Journal
Toolkit - Watercolor palette, Calligraphy Pen & Ink, Micron (.01), Stickers, Washi tapes, Rubber Stamps
How it's going - "So far so good! Once I got past making a mark on my page, everything started coming together. I am really liking the way that it's turning out so far! It's kinda addictive and I'm so excited to finish this spread and make more!"

Emma's Plan:

Journal - Strathmore Watercolor Journal
Journaling Type - Art Journaling
Toolkit - Paint and Pencil
How it's going - "I'm still staring down the blank page..."

Sarah's Plan:

JournalMidori Travel Notebook (watercolor paper and dot grid inserts)
Journaling Type - Art Journal - Primary, Bullet Tracker - Secondary
Toolkit - Collage (printed and painted media), Stickers, Washi tape, LePens, Acrylic Paint, Pencil
How it’s going - "
I’ve really enjoyed infusing different elements together to start creating a personality for my first spreads. I’m learning what works best as I go and am find that journaling is a wonderful opportunity to take a few minutes to channel some creative energy. It’s so fun to see the page coming together." 

Grace's Plan:

Journal - Visual Journal by Strathmore
Journaling Type - Art Journal
Toolkit - Charcoal (vine, compressed, pencil), Dot paper, Washi, Le pens, Stickers
How it’s going - "It’s going better than expected! I’ve always struggled with the blank page, but I feel like having prompts and something to help get me started is making it easier. It has been awesome getting back into using charcoal and I’m excited to start using other mediums I’m not familiar with. There is no pressure which I think is the best part!"

Katie's Plan:

JournalPaper Source Brand blank journal
Journaling Type - Art/reflective journaling style
ToolkitLe pen, fountain pen, pencil, acrylic paint, washi tape
How it's going - "It's exciting to start, hard to know if it will stay looking this way or transition into something totally new! I've been craving more of an artistic outlet lately so I'm excited to use this as motivational and reflective time to help bring that into my every day life even if it's just a few moments a day."

We are so excited to continue on with our journaling and we hope this week has gone well for all of you! Please tag us if you share your creations, @antiquariadesign #antiquariajournalclub 

See you Monday with next week's prompt!
Happy Journaling,
Emma, Bailey and the Antiquaria Team

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