August 18, 2017

The Best Online Calligraphy Class, like ever.

We are BEYOND excited to announce our debut Online Calligraphy Class, Script Design, taught by our own expert calligrapher, Bailey Amon Rivera is open for registration through Acorn Arts! This class has been a LONG time in the making and we are thrilled to see it come to life.

Join us and expand your calligraphy skills in the month of September! Our brand new class is not your same ol' calligraphy class. It's chalked full of Bailey's knowledge about designing your OWN style of calligraphy.
If you've been feeling stuck in your practice and want to brush up on your skills or need new styles for your products or clients, this is the class for you.
This class is well suited for all calligraphy enthusiasts from complete novice to the more experienced and professional penman. The course material will start with the basics so that everyone can participate and learn together, no prior experience necessary.

"Creating your own lettering style is fun and easy when it's based on the foundation of traditional letterforms. As a calligrapher and stationery designer, Bailey has made a name for herself over the years with her unique and varied calligraphy styles.
Besides it being fun to experiment with and design new styles, this process has been crucial to developing our business and makes her work stand apart from other lettering artists. In this four week course, we dive into the process used to create different styles, whether they're traditional, modern or somewhere in between. By focusing first on the "nut and bolts" of letter construction and traditional letterform variations, we offer students of all levels a unique opportunity to both train their skills and develop individual variety at the same time."

New classes are posted once per week but you do NOT need to be online at that time. The videos may be watched at whatever time is convenient for you! Each Wednesday there will be new worksheets available for you to download with an instructional video.
The Classroom Forum provides a wonderful place to share your designs with the other students and it is always such fun to take the class with students from around the globe. There is no homework for this class, but a project will be suggested each week.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We're here to help! We can't wait to see you in class!!
Bailey and Emma
*Images by Chelsea Francis

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