November 23, 2015

2015 Holiday Card Exchange!

One of the most fun parts of the holidays for us each year is our annual Holiday Card Exchange! See 2013's Holiday Card Exchange here and 2014's here. We're always THRILLED by how many of you write to us! It is so fun to see your families, hear your thoughts and see what holiday cards you picked!

We just LOVE getting snail mail and we have a feeling that you do too! Who doesn't adore finding a gorgeous piece of mail in their box amongst the bills and flyers? We know it brightens our day.

So why don't we exchange some holiday cards? This year, we've chosen to use our new Handkerchief Holiday cards...which we think are the perfectly festive for the season!

Here's the scoop: You add us to your mailing list and send us a hand addressed (practice that calligraphy folks!) holiday card and we'll have our resident calligrapher, Bailey Amon Rivera mail one back from US! Sound like a plan?

The details: Mail your card to Bailey at:
℅ Bailey Amon Rivera
2441 W. Rowland Avenue
Littleton, Colorado 80120

Be sure to include your preferred return address (in addition to the one on the envelope-you know how the mail can be) so that we can mail one in return! We are SO looking forward to hearing from you. Now it will be FUN to check the mail:) Yay!

Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey
Find us on Instagram @antiquariadesign and tag your pics #longlivesnailmail


  1. Sounds fun! Although I ogle other people's calligraphy, I'm not sure that my own is really up to snuff . . . hopefully that's okay. Ha!

    1. Shirley! Of course it is :) Just a reason to practice and say hi! I hope you do write us.

  2. Hmm.... I havent received yet. Did you receive mine? -Ichie

  3. Lovely designs! So cute to have these kinda cards in our collection.


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