December 09, 2014

Holiday Gifting | 5 Awesome Handmade Gifts

Around here...we do A LOT of making. We love giving and receiving handmade gifts any time of year. For the holidays, we like to make a special point to make at least some of the gifts that we send to loved ones.
We know that you're a crafty bunch of folks we thought that I would be fun to share some of our favorite DIY projects to make and give.
#1 All-in-One Stationery Set
This Stationery kit is fun to make and easy to customize! Using our Camellia Monogram Stamp kit and loads of fun accessories we put together an all-in-one stationery set customized to each person's tastes.
#2 Handmade Patterned Notebooks
One of our all time favorite things to make friends are these handmade pattern notebooks made with our very own patterned card-stock! As notebook hoarders ourselves, we tend to think that one can simply never have enough. Don't you agree?
#3 Wine Box Hostess Gift
Everyone likes a homemade treat during the holidays. That's why we like to gift hostesses these yummy candied pecans with a wine bottle wrapped to the nines. Strapped for time and don't want to make them yourself? The presentation is everything in our books (we promise not to tell)!
#4 Handmade Personal Stationery
We used our brand new Monogram Stamp Kits to craft up some handmade stationery this year. Not only will our friends love the stationery, we'll give them the kit as well so that they can make more when they run out!
#5 Custom Patterned Photo Mats
Whether you make art for these like we did or you include a gorgeous photo for family and friends, these patterned photo mats are a super simple last minute gift to make for your loved ones.
We'd love to see what you create for YOUR loved ones this year so tag us on Instagram @antiquariadesign in all of your crafting adventures!
Emma & Bailey

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