November 28, 2014

NEW! Return Address & "Handmade By" Stamps

After many months in development, we're thrilled to announce our brand new "Handmade by" and return address stamps, just in time for holiday gifting and correspondence! 

Our Handmade By designs were by far the most requested item in our shop last year and for a reason-they're an AWESOME way to put a finishing touch on your handmade or homemade items. 

1) Handmade By Berry Vines, 2) Handmade By Calligraphy Heart, 3) Handmade Vintage West, 4) Handmade By Vintage Calligraphy, 5) Handmade By Pennant, 6) Handmade By Brushed Lettering, 7) Handmade By Floral Calligraphy, 8) Handmade By Floral Crest

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