October 06, 2014

Weekend Snapshot | A Day Spent Together

It is a rare day that we get to spend together. Since Bailey lives on the West Coast and Emma holds down the fort in Austin (where Antiquaria is based), almost all of our communication is through the computer, be it email, video chatting or computer sharing.  But this past Saturday, we came together and taught two 3 hour calligraphy workshops at the Argus Cidery, right outside of Austin, in a beautiful hill country setting.

The weather was cool and a fall breeze blew through the open barn door as we dipped traditional calligraphy pens into fragrant black sumi ink and made beautiful letters. Each student did a wonderful job learning a new (and might we say difficult) skill. All in all it was a wonderful and fulfilling day.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!
Emma & Bailey

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