September 19, 2014

The Last Friday of Summer.

Dear Friends,

Can you believe that summer is gone and autumn is knocking at the door? With the waves of heat we've been experiencing lately, it makes it even harder to feel the seasons changing. But alas, they are.

We've spent our summer catching up on our long to-do list & designing lots and lots of new goodies. I'm sure that many of you have already checked out our new greeting card collection! All of the cards are also available as boxed sets as well, if you (like us) send cards like the post office is going out of business (please NO never!).

We've been dying to bring you customized stationery as well...and we're going to do just that! Note sets really are SO useful for quick thank you notes, wedding gifts or as a gift enclosures. We're super excited about how the line is shaping up and we know you're going to LOVE it!

Here on the blog...stay tuned for updates as well as a whole new season of super informative Calligraphy posts (more on those next week!). When back to school season hits, we get in the mood to teach! 

Speaking of teaching...our last workshops of 2014 are coming up soon!  They're being held in Austin on October 4th and there still a few spots left in each class. We'd love to see all of you calligraphy fans come for a day of lettering fun! You can register for the classes here.

 In our Script 101 class, we will teach the basics of pointed pen calligraphy and go through the alphabet a-z. All students receive a calligraphy supply kit and all of the information on how to go home and continue in their lettering practice. Oct. 4, 10am,-1pm | Austin, TX | $150

In our debut Script 102 class, we'll be diving deeper and teaching students about variations in script and how to create their own style of calligraphy. It's going to be a great class and a really informative and inventive session!! Oct. 4, 2pm-5pm | Austin, TX | $150

We sure hope to see you there! And stay tuned for all the big announcements, surprises & calligraphy love we have coming up for the rest of 2014. 

Cheers and have a wonderful weekend!
Emma & Bailey

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  1. Hey there, I am in love with your beautiful work, keep it up and keep inspiring!!!
    Could you let me know, where the amazing illustrated oblique nib holder you show in
    the last picture is from?
    Thank you,


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