March 05, 2014

Calligraphy Tutorial | the Capital Letter "P"

Happy almost spring! Not sure about you but we're just dying for it to get here already….

Today, we're reviewing the capital letter "P". YAHOO!

This letter is very closely related to the capital letter "B" and "R" for that matter. We especially love that option #1 and #3 are done in one stroke (you can keep the pen going or stop it on #1). Make sure that the bowl on the "P" is not too small or too big. You want to strive for it to hit a little below center and have a nice oval shape to it!

We hope your practicing is going well! Is it going well? It's always great to hear from you in the comments or by tagging your practice on Instagram with #letterschool.

Until next time….
Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey

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