November 19, 2013

Calligraphy Tutorial | the Capital Letter "C"

Howdy Calligraphy Lovers! Hope you're all doing well with your practice. You are aren't you? No lies...some letters are more difficult than others and telling from our friends and #letterschool peeps on Instagram, you guys are challenged a lot by capital B's!! Keep it'll love 'em with some more practice.

Today, we're showing you the script Capital letter "C." A little reprieve from B, the letter C is pretty simple (and similar to the lowercase version) to make. The first example shown is definitely the beginners, start there. Once you get the hang of that big initial stroke, you'll be a flourishing fool with the 2nd and 3rd options!

Can't get enough? Need help? Follow us over on Instagram (@antiquariadesign) for our daily studio pics and calligraphy chat. Also, let us know how YOUR lettering practice is going in the comments below or at #letterschool.

Til next time...
Peace, Love and Letters,
Emma & Bailey


  1. Loving your tutorials, thank you so much! Any advice for avoiding scratchy lines? I feel like all my writing is coming out either blotting with too much ink or scratchy. -Emilia

    1. Hi Emilia,
      You're so sweet! I'm glad that you're enjoying them so far.
      So many things can make for scratchy or blobby writing. What pen/paper/ink are your using? You may also want to examine your hold on the pen to see if that is the reason it's happening. Let me know and I'll try and advise.


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