September 30, 2013

Vintage Sale and Closeout...75% off

Dearest  Lovelies,

After 3 years of business, a myriad of life changes, and deep reflecting on our business, we have decided to close our vintage registry and remove the vintage housewares from
This change is bittersweet, as we love the vintage dearly but must let it go in order to make room for new ventures. 

It has been an absolute pleasure being able to offer beautiful, one of a kind, vintage items to the market for sale and registry for the past 3 years. Over that time we've collected some truly stunning pieces that have been added to couple's homes as heirlooms, that we hope they use and cherish with family and loved ones. 

As many of you may know, there have many many exciting events in our personal lives since  launching Antiquaria. Soon after starting the business in 2010, we needed to relocate to the Los Angeles area to be with our significant others...and so we moved all of our lovely treasures across the country to sunny California. Shorty after, Bailey got married and settled in Pasadena, CA with her new husband. 

In February 2013 Emma and her husband, Chris, moved back to Austin, TX (where the business began) to be closer to family and welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Sydney, into the world. 

As we have taken each step, the business has organically evolved in it's own way. As many of you know, we have slowly integrated paper goods, stamps and custom design into our business. This has been a natural progression, as Emma's background is in design and Bailey is a calligrapher and stylist.

In the spring of 2011, we added 5 custom rubber stamp designs, not knowing what huge success they would be. Since then we've added over 100 stamp designs including wedding invitations and save the dates. The result has transformed the wedding industry by giving brides the tools to express their own creativity and style through their hand-stamped stationery. 

In the fall of 2011 we launched our custom design division. After numerous requests to re-create the Vintage Cactus invitation that Emma designed for her own wedding, we knew that we needed to offer design services for bespoke letterpress invitations. The enthusiastic response we received told us we were on the right track and since then our designs have been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Southern Weddings, and Oh So Beautiful Paper. This past spring, 2013, we made the leap to offering letterpress invitations of some of our favorite designs in our shop, making our designs more accessible (and affordable!).

We are thrilled to announce that Antiquaria will be getting a whole new look in the coming months. We are excited for the opportunity to offer new products, such as notebooks, fine art prints and letterpress coasters as well as creating brand new invitation and stationery designs for print. We will continue to create DIY projects that inspire and make beautiful design assessable at any budget.

So we thank you.
Thank you for being lovely and supportive throughout our growth. We love what we do and we love having you with us. Please reach out with any questions...hearing from you makes our day!

Bailey & Emma

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