October 13, 2011

Antiquaria Design Studio: Part I

Thanks to Nole over at Oh So Beautiful Paper for the lovely post on us from Tuesday! We are pleased to announce that we are officially offering custom design services. Here are a few of our favorite designs from our custom portfolio.

We love the hand lettering, vivid colors and the feather accent
This invitation was designed for Cassie & Jon who got married at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara. The entire invitation suite is hand drawn and lettered. When Cassie told us that their names would be on the marquee the night of the wedding, we couldn't pass up incorporating it into the invitation. 
We love the vintage pastoral imagery and the hand stamped muslin seed bag.

Somehow, this invitation never looses it's appeal. Originally designed for Emma & Chris's Austin wedding,  the vintage cactus suite continues to be a popular choice for many southwestern weddings. Above it's shown in a "sunset" color palette. See other renditions here.

Check out our more of our original designs here.

xxx Emma & Bailey


  1. Unique and lovely vintage inspired designs. Love them all. Just want to know why, after the struggle for women to be recognized as individuals in our society, you would be reverting to using the "his is the only name that matters" use of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones. Really hope that's a vintage trend that won't be repeated. Good luck with your beautiful magazine. Really lovely.

  2. In response to the comment above, we would like to state that it is up to the individual couple and their family to decide what the appropriate wording for their wedding invitation might be.
    It is still correct and the only way of formally presenting a couple to refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. (Husband's name). There is no correct way to combine Mr. and Mrs. and include both the husband and wife's names, seeing as you are not to separate the husband's first and last names from one another. It also doesn't make sense to present the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Sue and Harold Jones, since that would infer that it was Mr. Sue and Mrs. Harold Jones.
    If this formality offends or does not suit your tastes, there are plenty of other appropriate and fun ways of stating names on invitations. Simply using first names (Sue and Harold Jones) or "Together with our families" are very appropriate wedding invitation alternatives to the traditional Mr. and Mrs.

  3. These are gorgeous, and if I was getting married in Arizona, I would just die to have you design my invitation. The last one is simply perfect!

  4. It's too late for my invites, but it would awesome if the RSVP in the Woodlands Suite was offered in a customizable stamp. I love that there's so much room for guests to fill in names.

    1. You're totally right! Will need to put that on our list for our next big stamp collection launch! Thanks for the feedback:)


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